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Writing can be a lonely occupation especially when you do it on a freelance basis and from the confines of your home office. The old ego needs massaging occasionally too but that requires seeking out like-minded people who will read your work and give appropriate feedback.   More

Triond is one of an increasing number of writer sites that give a platform for up and coming journalists to hone their skills. It doesn’t just stop at writing either. If your creative flair leans towards photography or maybe even musical composition then there is room for you to showcase your work on this site.  More

Triond Sep 4th 2007

Your Step-by-Step Guide

Have you ever wished you had a fairy Godmother to help guide you through the steps of how to do something properly? It could be something as simple as finding out how to restart your mobile phone or even how to tie your shoelaces. StepStation is an education knowledge share tool that has the answers to many common problems and guides you through them with a simple step-by-step interaction.   StepStation is a resource that gives people a place to come and find out how to do things properly. It's focus is to instruct users how to complete tasks and activities step-by-step. StepStation ...  More

StepStation Oct 5th 2011

Where Your Content Flourishes

There are a number of sites around giving budding writers the opportunity to get published on the web and earn a few royalties in return. This one invites photographers as well and the window to the world for accepted work of either category is via AOL’s 80 or so websites covering topics such as music, TV, tech, finance and many more.  More

Seed Jan 31st 2010

Collecting the world! The world's largest general knowledge collecting competition.

ilustrum is an online competitive and fun knowledge game that awards you free daily 'coins' which you can useto 'buy' trivia questions. When you answer a question correctly you can win up to three of the coveted ilustrums  (or photos) depending on how quick on the draw you were when you answered the question. The point of the game is to collect all of the ilustrums into an album.   ilustrum is a really cool and very competitive trivia game for you and your friends. Every day you connect you will get paid some sestertius (ilustrum currency). The higher your status is, the more you ...  More

ilustrum Sep 28th 2011

Think and Get Inspired Every Day

It's a great way to start your day. To open up your emails and find something that stimulates you, inspires you and gets your mind going first thing in the morning. QuoteSecret is an inspirational and fun knowledge app that sends out daily emails with uplifting and thought provoking epithets from some of the wisest people in the world.   There are plenty of inspirational quotes sites out there but QuoteSecret differs from the others. To help you comprehend the true meaning behind the words of wisdom QuoteSecret includes an inspiring question that will help you to understand it better. ...  More

QuoteSecret Sep 28th 2011

Get 1-Hour Consultation with the Expert Crowd

Here’s a crowdsourcing advice site that seems to have every possible charging opportunity covered.   More

Billed as a site that facilitates the coming together of advice seekers and willing consultants, the jargon and terms used could do with a consultant to decipher them but I’ll have a go.    More

ParetoCentral May 20th 2011

How much is your stuff worth?

I’m sure there is a great feeling to be had when you unclutter your life and get some organization back into your world. The amount of stuff we all accumulate over the years is staggering and most of it suffers the same fate as your CD collection. If I had a dollar for every time I said “right, I’m going to put you in alphabetical order by artist and at the same time catalogue you”, I’d be able to pay someone else to do it!  More

Lockboxer Aug 12th 2011

You deserve to be one.

If you’re looking at making credit card and bank account comparisons outside of your own country then you’ll know that the web has historically been a little lacking in its ability to provide this information.   More

Step forward, a new site that aims to fill this gaping hole by giving users access to all of the important information on credit cards, checking accounts, savings accounts and fixed deposits. For anyone moving away to work then this information could be very useful to know before you touch down in a strange city.  More

banksnob Aug 5th 2011

The Social Platform Atlas

Do you ever get the feeling that your favorite social network is getting away from you and you don't understand how it really works anymore? Facebook seems to change a couple of times a year and there are always complaints when it does. So with these changes happening how do you analyze and keep on top of what your social network is up to and the directions it is going? Platlas is a Facebook knowledge tool that helps you come to terms and better understand the complex structural changes within this social network.   Platlas presents the easiest way of dissecting the complexities of ...  More

Platlas Sep 23rd 2011

Side Effects, Treatments and Symptoms from Medify

No, Medify isn't a self diagnosing tool. That would be a little dangerous. It's an online health search tool that accesses the published findings of leading researchers, physicians and medical institutions worldwide. Their published findings of thousands of cases and details of ways of treating their symptoms are gathered together online to promote the advancement of medicine.   Modify gathers millions of these case studies of real patients every day and it's powerful search engine scans all the relevant details and extracts key phrases and information in each study. Patients with ...  More

Medify Sep 14th 2011

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