Customer Research apps


PLOITER BUSINESS MANAGEMENT SOFTWARE is a multiple-user system that encompasses all aspects of ...  More

saas software customer

Apr 12th 2017


Email marketing exposed! Browse millions of marketing emails from tens of thousands of sites. ...  More

email marketing inspiration

Feb 15th 2017


Everyone's a photographer. We take photos of our latte's in the morning, our burritos in the ...  More

customer marketplace android

Oct 14th 2016


Connect directly with your customers getting new product ideas or open up an internal community ...  More

management customer crowdsourcing

Jun 18th 2016

Legal Newsance

Curated by humans, Legal Newsance is a content discovery app that helps professionals quickly ...  More

events job legal

May 13th 2015


OneQstn lets you make single question surveys, with no account required, in less than 30 ...  More

fun polls research

May 9th 2015


The SIMPLE way to market research. At FocusGrooper, we wanted to bring some real value to the ...  More

advertising analytics b2b

Apr 29th 2015

I M Kind a Big Deal

For Web entrepreneurs - Blogging,SEO,Digital Marketing,Content Marketing,Adsense & more. What ...  More

news android research

Apr 27th 2015

Eat Smart Abroad

The EAT SMART ABROAD App, now available in the Apple Store and Google Play store, features ...  More

food identity language

Apr 10th 2015

Email Prospector

eMail-Prospector is a desktop tool designed for sales reps, account managers and recruiters ...  More

email marketing marketing research

Mar 31st 2015

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