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QuickTapSurvey, is a mobile survey and data collection platform that is used by organizations ...  More

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Mednoid Medical Search

Mednoid Medical Search App, which is specifically dedicated to help answer questions related to ...  More

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Bipsync provides a research automation platform to maximize the productivity of professional ...  More

finance investment knowledge is the most scalable video survey tool for gathering data rich, engaging feedback ...  More

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Dotmos is a research and discovery tool that helps journalists and students find complete ...  More

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Page Gobbler

Page Gobbler extracts all the links, email addresses and Twitter usernames in a webpage in ...  More

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Introducing Vibe - The Quickest way to research people (Bringing the ‘Everywhere’ to ...  More

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As web search has gotten better at answering questions, it's gotten worse at revealing the ...  More

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Rate everyone and everything – Yet another app, but with a special approach! Between Facebook, ...  More

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Mendocino Wine and Travel Map

The Mendocino Wine and Travel App showcases the best wineries, wine bars and the latest events ...  More

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