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MyScienceWork Polaris are enhanced institutional repositories, website like ArXiv or PubMed ...  More

science network research

Mar 31st 2015

Alternative Media

I'd like to introduce a useful free app which gives quick access to the Coast to Coast AM ...  More

interactive media news

Mar 25th 2015

Information Dissemination

Introducing a recently developed app based on the free distribution of "Official" ...  More

interactive news research

Mar 25th 2015

MP3 Quran Tafsir Translation

GET confidence building self esteem,self worth,health and well being forever! Our epic MP3 ...  More

english arabic fashion & beauty

Mar 8th 2015

Horse Side Vet Guide

Search for answers in Horse Side Vet Guide®, a constantly growing knowledge-base of equine ...  More

guide research référencement

Feb 25th 2015


QuickTapSurvey, is a mobile survey and data collection platform that is used by organizations ...  More

marketing research survey

Feb 10th 2015

Mednoid Medical Search

Mednoid Medical Search App, which is specifically dedicated to help answer questions related to ...  More

dictionary education health

Nov 27th 2014


Bipsync provides a research automation platform to maximize the productivity of professional ...  More

finance investment knowledge

Nov 21st 2014 is the most scalable video survey tool for gathering data rich, engaging feedback ...  More

research survey video

Oct 18th 2014


Dotmos is a research and discovery tool that helps journalists and students find complete ...  More

internet media search

Aug 24th 2014

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