Dashboard apps


Crust is the free and open-source low-code platform and Salesforce alternative. It enables you ...  More

open source self-hosted low-code

Aug 20th 2020

Saga Dashboard

Increase your productivity with Saga Dashboard. Chrome's New Tab is boring! Replace it with a ...  More

productivity personal dashboard

Aug 12th 2020


Aplano is an online scheduling software which works on all devices and in real time. Managers ...  More

hour-account vacation-manager scheduling

Jul 15th 2020

Vue Pilot

Vue Pilot is dashboard management software that is designed to make the hassle of managing ...  More

dashboard operations remotely

Feb 9th 2020


Have you ever wondered exactly how productive (or unproductive) your day has been? MetaMe can ...  More

dashboard analytics time-tracking

Mar 15th 2019

TOS Dashboard

OS Dashboard Mobile App is a user friendly online control panel interface of the app that gives ...  More

tos dashboard

Apr 11th 2018

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