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A gig promotion tool that everyone can take advantage of

There is a train of thought that says that after you have created a Facebook event and shared it then thats all the hard work done. Of course that rarely works and, to make a truly successful event, you need to diversify and co-ordinate your campaign across several different outlets and social networks. Helps everyone from event promoters, venues, bands, musicians and DJ's co-ordinate and maximize their exposure by helping put together a personalized social network campaign that run simultaneously. helps everyone connected to the fine art of gig or event  ...  More Sep 20th 2012

Create a social network for your big or small event

To be quite honest, Eventtus should really be described as a social network that can be built around your specific event. It doesn't really matter too much what sort of an event it is. It could be a concert or an overseas trip. Or a trade show or conference for your business. Big or small, this social event network for Android and iOS gives you the tools to share plans with your friends, socialize during the events as well as meeting new people with similar taste to your own.   Eventtus is your social guide for finding the best and most interesting events around you as well as ...  More

Eventtus Jul 25th 2012

Search out worldwide events when you travel

Time To Enjoy is an event schedule app for people who have some spare time on their hands. But while it could quite easily be used as an event finder and schedule calendar in your home town, where it comes in really handy is if you are on holiday or spending some time in an area you don't know so well. Time To Enjoy transforms your mobile into a source of information to search, plan and book your day's activities based on where you are in the world and what you would like to do.    While Time To Enjoy is useful for searching out events in your local area, where it really comes ...  More

Time to Enjoy May 2nd 2012

Plan, organize and create your events easier

Some people are born to organize events and planning meetings - the rest of us can sometimes need a little help. Those people born to it are usually the same ones that know what to buy when someone is leaving but those types don't come along all the time. That's when it is time to turn to an event organize application like Together. Developed for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, Together is a free app for planning and organizing events whether they be business meetings, seminars or a get together with your friends.   Together is a free app for planning and organization that makes creating ...  More

Together Apr 29th 2012

Automated seating plans for your special event in minutes

Ive seen enough Real Housewives to know that one of the toughest things about event planning is the organization of seating arrangements for your guests. There's always a few disgruntled characters who don't get what they want and ruffle a few feathers with your designated planner. Arrange My Seat was developed to take the pain out of seat arrangements for your special event, whether it be a graduation, a banquet or a wedding and creates a seating plan in minutes. Need to split your guest list into different categories or get some information about your guests dietary habits? No problem - ...  More Apr 26th 2012

Connect with your Facebook fans in a new way

One thing that's proven tricky in the past when advertising or promoting your event or product (or yourself, if it comes to that) on Facebook has been the virtual seminar. Evinar may well sound like a Arthurian adventure but in this case it's a rather wonderful event promotion application for Facebook to host any number of live events for your business (ad)venture. Here you can arrange casual hook ups, host group chat sessions and watch promotional videos with your fans and, if you are just running the one Facebook page, it's totally free.   Evinar is a safe and secure app that let's ...  More

Evinar Mar 23rd 2012

A private geolocator to find your friends

Moojive is an event sharing application for Facebook that is kinda similar to FourSquare and Google Latitude in that it let's you instantly find the locations of your friends when you go out. The idea being that if you or your friends get lost on the way to the movies or a specific restaurant, Moojive makes it pretty damned easy to find them again.   Moojive is a mobile app that extends your Facebook event experience. The app makes it easy to plan events on the go as well as being able to stay on top of where your friends are en route to the location when out and about.  ...  More

Moojive Mar 19th 2012

Tripleseat event management

Here’s a great site that has more than one use when it comes to event organizing. Whether you’ve been unfortunate enough to be given the task of finding somewhere suitable for your firms Christmas bash or if you have a great venue but are finding it hard to manage, Tripleseat has something for you. The site can be used by all types of businesses connected to the event industry such as restaurants, hotels, golf courses and catering firms. By signing up, venue details are automatically added to the Tripleseat public listing site and exposed to thousands of monthly visitors. ...  More

Tripleseat Dec 21st 2011

Event ticketing solution

Worrying about registration and ticket sales should never be the main event of your event and this app looks as if it can solve this problem in a simple to use fashion. Clear and concise step-by-step instructions will give your "do" its own page which can be customized in a number of ways allowing participants to register and purchase tickets online. The great thing about this is apart from wearing out shoe leather by hawking your tickets around, at the click of a button you’ll have real time confirmation on just who’s coming.  More

Eventarc Dec 21st 2011

Ticketing and publicity for your event

Organizing any event where attendance is on a paid-for ticket basis is always a bit of a nightmare, however, Eventzi looks to have all of the features to overcome most of those niggling problems. By signing up you can create a web page for your event and customize it with logos and images. Spreading the word is then made easy with an automatic listing on the popular search engines. You can also email the unique URL to a contact list who in turn can get the news out to their friends with one-click integration to all of the social network sites.  More

Eventzi Dec 14th 2011

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