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Your personalized fun aggregator

What's Next Up is an entertainment aggregator and personalization service that retrieves many different kinds of events from all across the world and gives you a list of events you're likely to enjoy. The goal is to build a web app that makes it easier for people to find entertainment they like so that they can just enjoy themselves without spending precious time sifting through dozens of irrelevant events on tens of websites.  More

What's Next Up Dec 5th 2011

Timetable and list freaks - you might get a kick out of this

It’s difficult to know how to approach this one really, as an app the features look fine with clear screen pages and it’s all pretty thorough. To be honest though if I had a bunch of friends that needed this much organization just for a night out at the cinema I think I might be tempted to try and find some new ones. It’s not just for the cinema of course as you can use fasterplan to organize any type of get together with your chums. Not only can you suggest an activity but you can give them a whole host of options to argue about too!  More

Fasterplan Dec 1st 2011

Stop wasting your time in meetings!

Business meetings can often be a complete waste of time and believe me I’ve been to enough of them to know that’s very true. In fact I’ve been to meetings that have had nothing to do with business and they can be a total waste of time too.The reason for this in most cases stems from a lack of proper preparation. This lack of preparation usually means that action points are never recorded, minutes are not circulated and any follow-up plans that were actually discussed are completely forgotten about.Agreedo can help get you get organized so that all aspects of a ...  More

agreedo Nov 26th 2011

Sniff out conferences, conventions and trade shows

Like any industry event or networking opportunity the annual conference of ˈwhatever it might beˈ needs at least some basic research before you commit to attending.You’ll be bombarded with emails from conference organizers even if you work in an industry with the most tenuous of links to the principal subject but then of course you would be.Their job is to fill the hall or conference center and justify delegate charges and trade stand fees therefore their standard marketing approach is along the lines of; "The event you simply can’t afford to miss!"Heard it all before? I ...  More

Conference Hound Nov 25th 2011

How much money do meetings waste?

This is all a bit of fun and probably serves the same purpose as a stress ball for people who are constantly dragged into pointless meetings at work.The business world is full of people who consider spending hours talking about something is more productive than actually doing anything about it. Well this app won’t really help you convince these annoying people to stop running everything up the flag pole or asking you to think outside the box but it might help you to laugh about it afterwards with your colleagues.It’s free of course and there is no ...  More

MEETorDIE Nov 25th 2011

Design Business Cards Absolutely Free of Charge

Remember the days when the Dymo was the way for making name tags for your staff. Well you don't have to do that anymore. MakeBadge is a business event tool that let's you make name tags, passes, ID cards, business cards as well as badges for any occasion.     MakeBadge is an easy to use free web application for making badges, name tags, staff passes, employee ID cards, and business cards on the spot and for every occasion. MakeBadge is a full-featured badge maker application with benefits. The online tool is simple and intuitive. It lets skip expensive training or acquiring ...  More

MakeBadge Nov 4th 2011

Real Cards, Personalized and Delivered

There are heaps of virtual greetings cards sites on the Internet. If you've got a birthday or a valentine card to send it's pretty easy to google one up in a second. It's a bit impersonal though, isn't it? It would be much better if you could send a REAL card with the same simplicity. Oh Greetings Cards is a social holiday tool where, for the same price as a trip to the local store, you can send a real, personalized greetings card to anyone the world over. allows users to send real, personalized greeting cards anywhere in the world for about the same ...  More

Oh Greetings Cards Nov 2nd 2011

free mobile event app

When it's entertainment you are putting together it always helps if there's someone with a little entrepreneurial nous to ensure that things run smoothly and all facets of your event are looked after. There needs to be information for all sides of the program to be catered for and that means your visitors, your sponsors, your performers and not forgetting you guys...the organizers. twoppy is a free online  event design mobile tool that will cater to everybody.   twoppy enables free online and mobile tools for event visitors, organizers, performers and sponsors. By utilizing ...  More

twoppy Oct 9th 2011

Communautary urban guide

Cafesworld is a fledgling travel and social event tool  that gives you an idea of the quality of cool cafes in some of the biggest cities in the United Kingdom, Canada, France and even Australia. There are many that actively hunt out the great coffee places in the world and base their holidays around those meccas to caffeine. Cafesworld takes that one step further by encouraging locals and travelers to recommend and share their favorite cafes in their favorite towns and cities around the world.     Given that we all travel so much these days it is an added bonus if a ...  More Oct 6th 2011

The mobile box office that fits in your pocket.

If it's The Eagles you are selling tickets for then you're not going to have this problem. You will probably have sold the gig out anyway but even if you haven't, your huge box office will have all windows open and ready for sales whether it's cash, check or credit card. However, if you are a small time promoter and you still want those ticket sales you're going to have a way of taking credit cards. Do you want to go through all the rigmarole of setting up a full credit card office or do you want an easier way of doing it? On Site is a mobile box office that accepts credit card payments ...  More

On Site™ Aug 26th 2011

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