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EFactor, the World’s Largest Entrepreneurial Community

It’s difficult to see how 900,000 people could get it wrong and in the case of EFactor I don’t think they have.   More

As a business networking site it aims to put together all of the necessary connections to enable entrepreneurs, funders and advisors to collaborate and get new businesses off the ground.  More

EFactor Feb 23rd 2011

Save now, Decide Later

I've lost count of the number of concert tickets I've missed out on because I've put the email or newsletter with its details in my "I'll deal with that later." That basically means my 'keep' box in my email or on top of that big pile of papers on my desk. is a bookmarking email event alert tool that installs a designated bookmarklet (I love that word) and you can start adding events to your list from your favorite sites straight away.   The way we go to events has changed dramatically these days. In the past it was easy to just turn up to an event, pay your money and ...  More Sep 22nd 2011

Latest Festival Weather Forecasts provides accurate long term weather forecasts for festivals.

Going to Rock Festivals can be an expensive business these days. Gone are the days when you could just rock up with your sleeping bag and a tent. These days you have to mortgage the house for a three day pass and you have to plan a long time ahead. So what if it's going to rain...or be blisteringly hot? LatestFestivalWeather is a travel event weather tool developed by festival goers who understand what weather information the modern festival-goer needs.   It's all about what to wear really, isn't it? That's assuming there isn't a tornado heading for the site, that is. But knowing the ...  More

Latest Festival Weather Sep 22nd 2011

Event Management and E-Ticketing Online Service

You've done all the hard work. You've set up your special event and everything is set up and ready to go. All you've got to do now is advertise it and get tickets out to your adoring public efficiently and without any hitches. Viavents Event Management is a business event platform interface that provides a whole array of tools to launch your campaign.  More

Viavents Event Management Sep 7th 2011

Broadcast, share and explore your future.

Just how organized are you? Do you wish you could set up your diary for the rest of the year and have it available online to your friends? FutureYear is kinda an online diary where you can enter all the things you have planned in the future . You can then let your friends know so they can see which concerts you are going to, which holidays you have planned and what you hope to do in the next 12 months and make their own plans accordingly.  More

FutureYear Sep 4th 2011

Bible Art Jesus Wallpapers App

Ours are Free SLIDESHOWS from our Classical Biblical Art Gallery which has about 1,000 Paintings ...  More

new android testament

Skrooge - Expense Tracker App

A Free Monthly Budget Planner and Bill Payment Organizer To Attain Savings Goals. Skrooge ...  More

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The app development powerhouse behind Newsreels has done it again. Revolutionizing the ...  More

news & smart magazine startup app


Podopolo makes podcast listening social + podcasting profitable for creators. Imagine your own ...  More

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Klangchat is a voice & music chat app which merges voice messages with music and interactive ...  More

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