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The best way to learn about how companies pay and don't pay their bills

The use of good credit information on existing and potential customers has always been a prudent approach to business and in these tough economic times it’s even more relevant.   More is a site where you can not only get the heads up about the payment habits of thousands of companies but you can also contribute to the wider knowledge base through your own experiences and help other businesses in their credit decisions.   More

Cortera Oct 2nd 2009

Keep track of what you make!

Even cottage industries need to keep proper records! Never a truer word was spoken especially when what started out as a hobby suddenly turns into a fully- fledged small business.  More

The market for handcrafted products continues to grow and many small production lines have been set up in homes and garages across the country. In a lot of cases the finished products are made up of several elements of raw material and so keeping a record of the volumes and costs of these is just one thing that’s easy to lose control of.  More

Craftybase Jul 5th 2011

Pain-Free mileage tracking

Anyone who spends their working week on the road will have dreamed of having something like this. Not just to free up their time but to capture all of those claimable miles that have been lost due to not logging them or forgetting about a business trip altogether.  More

This new app is currently only available on Android smartphones although support for iPhones and the introduction of an own branded hardware device is scheduled for the near future. Any GPS device capable of saving or being converted to the GPX1.0 or 1.1 file format is supported.  More

MileTrack GPS Jun 15th 2011

Find a co-founder. Start or join a start-up today.

Finding the cash to fund a startup is usually way down the line from the actual idea stage of a project and you’re more likely to need technical help and business guidance before you can even start to think of approaching investors.   More

If you find yourself in this predicament and need to find a co-founder with the same enthusiasm and drive then might be where they’re lurking.  More

Founder2be Jun 13th 2011

From A to profit

Anyone will tell you that if you want your business idea to be taken seriously then you’ll need a professional looking business plan. That’s great advice but where do you go to actually get the thing written without incurring the costs of an accountant or consultant?  More might provide the answer with its free online tool designed to get your business plan not only looking great but actually containing factual and meaningful information, even down to the scary numbers!  More

Plan2biz Apr 14th 2011

Get your business plan read: crunch it to one page

OK so you have the business plan for your start-up looking great and containing all the fine detail any investor could want to read. It’s now time to start pitching for some financial support.   More

It’s an annoying but real conundrum, business angels and other potential investors get heaps of business plans to look at so what makes one stand out for immediate attention? Well a clear and concise one page summary would help and has the tools to help you create just that.  More

Plan Cruncher Mar 13th 2010

Invest Intelligently.

The theory isn’t rocket science, if you buy something at well below its real value then you not only have a bargain but the potential to make a hefty profit when the rest of the world catches up. The theory may well not be rocket science but the number crunching required to analyze the treasure locked away in a business’s financial statements could be viewed by some as such.  More

Vuru Apr 18th 2011

Discover & Share Business, Economy & Finance News, Articles & Videos

If you fancy contributing to the world of financial journalism, but in common with most budding hacks find the "staff job" door firmly closed, could be the place to get heard. If you happen to be a blogger too then exposure to a much wider audience could be just one of the other benefits.  More

fwisp Aug 17th 2009

Kids Money Management and Teen Money Management

There are a few sites of this type around offering families a platform to keep up to date with who owes who. They follow a similar pattern in that a virtual bank is created, with Mom and Dad providing the funds of course, and virtual transactions are credited and debited to reflect the real cash position.  More Oct 10th 2010

The way education finance should work

As an investor looking to perhaps diversify your portfolio you might want to consider Peer to Peer lending with the beneficiaries being worthy students!   More

People Capital provides a platform for students to obtain unsecured private loans for 2-15 year terms subject to certain criteria being met. Lenders purchase the loans, or parts of them, by way of loan notes from People Capital who retain the rights and responsibilities associated with the servicing and collection of them.  More

People Capital Jul 22nd 2009

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