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Online Giving Through

Razoo is one of a number of sites helping fundraisers get their message across to a wider public and then accommodate the donor payment process. Individuals and non-profits can benefit from the features as can large corporations and foundations.   More

For individuals Razoo provides a platform for both giving and fundraising. With a database full of current projects in need of cash site visitors can search through and find a cause dear to their hearts and donate on line. Conversely if an individual wants to set up a fundraising page then it only takes a few minutes.   More

Razoo Sep 15th 2010

Fund Ideas end Endeavors

Here’s a crowdfunding site that pulls no punches when it comes to what is and isn’t an acceptable project. Having said that, the parameters are fairly wide as long as a commitment to creative and artistic values is upheld and there are some clear guidelines.  More

Unless your project falls within the categories of art, comics, dance, design, fashion, film, food, games, music, photography, publishing, technology or theater it won’t be considered. Neither will any charitable cause nor fundraising efforts of a personal enhancement nature.   More

Kickstarter May 1st 2009

Helping traders since 2005

If your interest in foreign currency exchange rates goes no further than how many euros per dollar you might get for your European holiday then this site probably has far too much information on it for you.   More

If on the other hand you are keen to learn, advance and generally extend yourself into the exciting world of forex trading then take your coat off and sit down.  More

EarnForex Feb 2nd 2011

Understand how a company's products impact its stock price

The stock market can seem like a complete mystery to a lot of us and the fundamental question of how a company’s activity and performance determines its stock price is often met with a blank stare.  More

A lot of people put great store in a company’s financial statements and whilst these are a great source of information on past performance they don’t immediately give you an insight into the relevant markets or actual product significance. They are not going to shine much light on possible future trends either.  More

TREFIS Nov 18th 2009

Giving you the trading edge

If you’re a complete beginner when it comes to the stock market or perhaps even a more experienced trader then there’s something for both levels of competence on this site.  More

Sitting on a stock over a period and just watching how it performs may be as much of an experience as some people want of the stock market. However, if you’re serious about making it work for you, then having an idea about just when to get out is as important as knowing when to get in.   More

Trader Bots Sep 16th 2009

Like BankRate, but with bank rates

When it comes to giving the banks a good kicking it’s been open season for a long time now. Not that this is a bank bashing site by any means but the review facility does give users a platform to vent their considerable frustration about all things from misplaced money to unprofessional service levels.   More

MyBankTracker Mar 24th 2009

A community for financial news, ideas, and tips

Fancy becoming the editor of a financial news magazine? Well this site might not quite fulfil that ambition but as a member of the Tip’d community you can certainly have a say about what goes on the front page.  More

Billed as a community for financial news, ideas and tips the site is full of news articles submitted by members covering a wide range of issues including business and personal finance, real estate, stocks, entrepreneurship and the general economy.   More

Tip'd Nov 18th 2008

Electronic Invoice & Purchase Order Matching

Anyone who’s worked in accounts payable will know the fun and games to be had when trying to match supplier invoices to the original purchase order and then checking if what is on it was actually delivered.   More

Well, for those of you where this is a way of life, SutiAIM might help you get your life back, or at least some of it.   More

SutiAIM Sep 26th 2011

Online Invoice Template Billing Software

This is just one of the applications developed by Sutisoft and included in a suite of business solution apps, all of which will be reviewed separately. Put them all together and they cover just about every aspect of business management. This one handles the raising of invoices and other issues surrounding that particular activity.  More

SutiInvoice Sep 26th 2011

Expense Management Report Software

This is another business application from Sutisoft Inc that compliments the others and shouts the same message; why struggle with paper and spreadsheets when you can save time and money doing it all electronically?  More

The expenses app does all that you’d expect and has benefits for both employer and employee. General expense policy can be set as well as individual trip limits giving clear guidelines for staff.   More

Sutiexpense Sep 26th 2011