Finance Software apps

The dashboard for your wallet

This is a no nonsense simple tool for people who just want a snapshot of where their money is going and a nod in the direction of whether they’re actually spending more than they’re due to receive throughout the year.  More

It also has a fun feature where you can add a description and cost of an item you’re desperate to buy if you could only afford it. By analysing monthly income over expenditure the system gives you a constant update on how far away from your dream you are based on any surplus funds accruing.  More

grndctrl Aug 10th 2011

A free social utility to track, manage and resolve shared bills and expenses

Of all the free apps designed to keep tabs on what you and your friends owe each other this is one of the simplest and quickest to set up but does lack flexibility. Currently only supported by Gmail you can log in to enable the site to remember your data or just use it as a one off for fun without logging in.   More

Whats Your Share Jun 19th 2011

Intelligent Investing.

Anyone heavily invested in the stock market will appreciate the capabilities of this site whether they hold shares independently, participate in mutual funds or indeed both.   More

Like all investment products the key to success is spreading your risk, and only by really knowing where in the world your money is invested and into what mix of industries will you have a clear idea.   More

Investy May 1st 2011

Free Financial Management App for Freelancers & Small Businesses

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, record keeping is essential not only for you but for those nice tax people. Dealing with a couple of clients who you invoice once a month may be manageable on spreadhsheets but if you grow your business to a level much beyond that you’ll benefit from some simple organization.  More

Flowtorch Sep 28th 2011

The Best Way to Monitor Your Stocks

If you merely dabble in the stock market or perhaps take it a bit more seriously than that you too can look like Gordon Gekko with ticking away on your PC.   More

This application gives you a web based stock monitoring system that will relieve you of the tedious task of logging in and doing separate searches for the stocks you hold or the stocks you’re interested in.  More

Quotesentinel Apr 20th 2011

Inspiring Academic Achievement

As an alternative to traditional student funding through loans, Gradefund offers friends and family, the wider community and even corporate entities the opportunity to sponsor educational success.   More

Students can raise money for themselves or for their school and sponsors can chose to donate to a student or on a wider basis and support an educational cause close to their hearts.  More

GradeFund Dec 4th 2008

Follow your Euro notes in their tracks

If you’re a frequent European traveller with perhaps a tendency towards trainspotting then this might be a site where you can get some kicks.   More

It is all a bit of fun according to the website but I’ve been spending a while trying to think of a more sinister reason why anyone would want to track the movements of a banknote. There must be one surely?     More

EuroBillTracker Dec 22nd 2007

The easy way to collect money!

This looks like probably one of the simplest fundraising sites around and can be used to collect money for all sorts of purposes, charitable or personal. By setting up your cause you can then broadcast it and get your friends and family “chip in” and help it towards its goal.  More

It’s free to set up a ChipIn account and you only need to enter a few details like how much you need, why you need it and when you need it by. Oh and you’ll need to enter your PayPal details too as all contributions are made directly to you and not held by the site in any way.   More

ChipIn Jul 6th 2007

Bringing together creative thinkers, causes and people with a passion to help.

Sometimes it would be nice to have someone to look over your shoulder and give you a hand when you need it. Whether you are creating your dream project, committing to a social cause or just helping out a friend it would be good to have someone to help, offer encouragement and make sure everything runs smoothly. HelpersUnite brings together creative thinkers with a social conscience who have a willingness for positive change. They want to be your support network.   HelpersUnite is a finance and philanthropy tool who's aim is to change the world one project at a time. In a world first, ...  More

HelpersUnite Sep 28th 2011

Lemon · Receipts Refreshed

There are a lot of receipt and expense trackers out there and so it’s refreshing to come across a new one that’s got something different to shout about. It could be described as lemon fresh but then again it already has, by the site itself.   More

Well it’s certainly got more pips than some of the others for sure and it’s these pips that could make it a very popular app indeed.   More

Lemon Sep 28th 2011