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Sprout Robot

Here’s a topical one. You can’t watch a cookery programme these days without the celebrity chef banging on about the pleasure of growing your own fruit and veg. As if he actually gets down and dirty with a spade and a hoe! He’ll be too busy in make-up or signing his latest recipe book. It does however have a certain charm about it but for people of a certain age it’s something that your dad did. Add to that the likelihood that he learnt the skill from his dad and you start to get the picture; why did I never ask my dad?  More

SproutRobot Dec 14th 2011


Well I knew there would be an app out there for just about everything but I hadn’t banked on chickens! Still, with the whole world now keen to source local produce and worried about food miles this one is certainly trying to do its bit when it comes to egg production and distribution.  More

Eggzy Nov 29th 2011

Restaurant reservations tool

I’m not sure about some of the functions on this one. Whilst I can see the merits of a few I can see the at least one of them causing some confusion amongst restaurant staff as well as diners. As a reservation management system and customer reporting tool it looks to have all of the bases covered to enable business owners to monitor diner volumes and cancellations. It could also be a useful marketing tool.  More

Eat Text Nov 28th 2011

Easily create a website for your restaurant

Any restaurant worth their salt these days has a website (excuse the pun) and there are enough good reasons for that. People hardly buy anything these days without first checking it out on the internet and where to eat is no exception.Anybody travelling any distance to a town or city, maybe for the first time, is also very likely to surf around prior to departure for an establishment that caters both for their taste and their budget (sorry, another pun!).Whether you run a simple diner or hanker after a more fine dining clientele then can provide you ...  More

EZFOODIE Nov 25th 2011

Mobile Websites for Restaurants

There’s no denying it, people want to do everything on their mobile phones these days. So if they’re out and about and want to check out what’s on offer on your restaurant menu you really should perhaps consider giving them easy access to it.  More has recognized the need for mobile websites and particularly for the restaurant industry. Regardless of the size of your eatery having a website that’s easy to read and navigate on a mobile device could open up a whole new customer base. The great thing about this site too is that last minute menu changes, specials of the day and promotional offers can be easily added by the user.   More

Food Face Online Jun 29th 2011

Online ordering made easy

Hey, all you restaurant owners out there that offer a takeout/delivery service as well as the experience to sit in your dining room take note. If your customers can book a table online then there’s no reason why the guy at home can’t order a meal online.  More

Open Dining offers an app that can give your restaurant this functionality in an easy to use format that could also have some impact on your bottom line too if you believe the research. According to the site, online orders can often be at least 20% larger than call-in ones so you might be missing a trick.  More

Open Dining Jul 26th 2011

Carbonmade for Restaurants

It's daunting enough opening your own restaurant without all the other things that go along with it. The location...the staff...the food...what else is there? Ah yes.. advertising. Without doubt one of the most important decisions you are going to make is about your website. Do you go out and commission a company to handle your website design of do you take up your own valuable time doing the whole thing yourself. There is a brilliant and cost effective solution. Theme Force is a design tool that provides you with all the ammunition you need to easily put together an affordable, powerful ...  More

Theme Force Oct 19th 2011

Plan your meals for your busy life

Okay, you know you have been saying it for some time now but it really is time to get a little bit more organized in the kitchen. It would save a lot of time and money if you had everything laid out for the week's meals. BusyMeal is an intelligent food organize tool that gives you access to great recipes for the day and the week as well as presenting you with a shopping list for everything you need.   Feeling the pinch at the grocery store as food prices soar? It’s no wonder. Planning meals and feeding our families over 1000 times a year is one of the most expensive and ...  More

BusyMeal Oct 18th 2011

Restaurant Jobs, Served up Daily

Any actors out there? This one's for you I think. WyckWyre is food job search tool that'll put actors into their other vocation in life - restaurant jobs.   It's different and much more proactive and specific than most other employment sites, though. WyckWyre gives you the choice of searching their job boards for restaurant positions or, if you register, it will send you details of local restaurant jobs into your email box.   Wyckwyre is an intelligent restaurant job search alert tool that serves potential job positions right in to your inbox. The choice is yours whether you ...  More

WyckWyre Sep 26th 2011

Find the Restaurants you see on TV.

I don't know about you but I watch a lot of those Food Network and Travel Channel shows on the TV. Have you ever wondered where some of those restaurants and diners that they film in really are? The food looks so good and the places are rich in decor and history. TVFoodMaps is a free food app for Android and iPhone that identifies and keeps track of all the places featured.   TVFoodMaps is a very colorful and informative tool that allows you to discover, discuss and identify all the places you see in the Food Network shows like Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations, Diners, DriveIns and ...  More

TVFoodMaps Sep 24th 2011

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