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Medieval backgammon for the new millennium

Everybody likes to play backgammon, don't they? Backgammon Masters is a new game for iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch that gives you all the skill and fun of the backgammon we know and love but presented in a medieval style. It's said that the first form of backgammon was first played over 5000 years ago. Now somehow I don't think Neanderthal Backgammon would catch the attention of the general populace but a medieval version certainly catches the attention.   Backgammon Masters is a wonderfully executed game of backgammon in medieval style. It has very simple and easy to use interface for ...  More

Backgammon Masters Mar 15th 2012

Message in a bubble

Have you ever seen that amazing footage of thousands of sky lanterns being released in certain Asian countries for good luck? Well, igobubble is kinda like the cyber version of the sky lantern. But rather than it only sending out good vibes, igobubble is somewhere you can place a virtual bubble and fill it with a message, a photo, a video or a song and send it on it's way into cyberspace for your friends or others to find. Whether you use it as an advertising tool or just to send a love note to your partner it's easy and fun to track your bubble to see how far it travels - hey, it could ...  More

igobubble Mar 14th 2012

You are going to need more than flowers and candy to woo this girl cute! Boy Loves Girl is a fairly addictive game for iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone that follows one boy's adventures as he searches for a way to discover the one thing that's impossible to find and one of life's great mysteries - how to please a woman. The idea is to prove to all around you, and all around the world, that you are the best lover on the planet   Now you can compete in a global leader board to prove to your friends and the rest of the world that you are the best lover on the planet! In this new release of the hit game there is a new shiny leader board that ranks ...  More

Boy Loves Girl (Version 1.5) Mar 13th 2012

Earn money while predicting the future

I'm not sure who this addictive little analytical and social marketplace game is aimed at but it has sure got to me. could be used to assist the betting man in working out whether to have a flutter on a certain event or it could be a great way to see what people think of a specific scenario and see if they can predict what is going to happen. Either way, I was sucked in pretty easily. CPP let's you learn the opinions of your community, ask your own questions or just seeing what people are predicting will happen in the world.   We all watch and read the news and its easy to ...  More The crowdsourcing prediction platform Feb 22nd 2012

Find, store and share PDF's

AsPDF is one of those types of apps that I love the most. While it appears to be little more than a place to submit and share PDF's - generally not the most exciting and fun concept - there are two different functions that AsPDF can  fulfill. One the one hand it's a place to find thousands of manuals, documents and research material on anything from cancer research to any number how-to manuals. But on a sneakier and very clever level it could also be a place where you could effectively store all your home manuals and technical information and keep it in the cloud rather than in that ...  More

AsPDF Dec 22nd 2011

We are the champions - more soccer chants than you could shake a stick at

Fanchants has just launched their new site which has over 20,000+ real football chants and soccer songs, sung by real fans, from every team you can think of. A must have for the terrace connoisseur. All chants are free to download and roar from users Playstations, Xboxs, smartphones or computers. Fanchants have uploaded chants from over 500 teams from all over the world, as well as updating UK teams with new chants.  More

Fanchants Dec 9th 2011

Fantasy Football - hit the big league

If you want to be up there with the big boys in your Fantasy Football League you really do have to be on the ball all the time. If you put a fair amount of time into your team you will get a fair amount of success. So how do those guys always seem to be at the top of the league each year? Its like they have inside knowledge or something isn't it? Well in truth they probably use a fantasy sports tool like BallNotes. A better way to do your fantasy sports research.  More

BallNotes Fantasy Sports Dec 5th 2011

File search engine spidering 50+ uploading sites

While its oh-so-easy to use a search engine like Google to hunt for your files there sometimes comes a time when you want to be a little more specific. You know what I mean, don't you. Sometimes you don't want to see Google's version of what you are looking for but really want to get to the crux of the matter. FilesHut is a search engine that is designed to find files from over 50 specialized and popular uploading websites that will deliver the newest and most relevant content on the net.  More

FilesHut Dec 3rd 2011

No monkey business here - just mathematical fun

Math tutoring has got to be one of the most thankless tasks that every parent has to go through if they want their child to excel at the subject. So what do you do about it? Do it yourself? Aaaargh! I don't think so. You could hire a tutor but that could get a little expensive. Or you can make math fun for your kids with MathChimp. This free and colorful math app for kids gathers together cool math games and organizes them into degrees of difficulty.  More

Math Chimp Nov 29th 2011

Turn Your World Into A Game

Beebble is one of the very first Geo social games for your iPhone and let's you  discover a hidden fantasy world hidden in your own real  environment. Beebble is a rather addictive virtual town simulator that is somewhere between Farmville, Sim City and FourSquare in it's operation and developed by SeventhSide Games.   SeventhSide Games has just launched its first social game “Beebble”, a city builder (a virtual town simulator) geo-localized at a junction between Farmville, Sim City and Foursquare that offers players the possibility to allow their virtual ...  More

Beebble Nov 12th 2011

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