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Everyone loves pandas. MoodPanda is a free interactive mood diary for iPhone, mobile and web browser that can be a benefit to your health and wellbeing as well as beings lots of fun. Many psychologists and therapists suggest that keeping a mood diary can be very therapeutic and can help towards the first steps of treating symptoms of depression, bipolar disorders and even PMS. But it wasn't designed for people fighting's an added bonus.  More Aug 24th 2011


Encurate provides an easy to use content management backend for mobile apps. App developers can ...  More

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Jul 23rd 2022


AgriApp is an Android-based mobile application. It provides complete information on Crop ...  More

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Feb 5th 2022

Alpha Progression

Alpha Progression is a strength training app geared towards the gym or a decently equipped home ...  More

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Sep 16th 2021

Lupa - Running & Wellbeing

Lupa is a virtual running partner that helps to guide & motivate you through your earphones, ...  More

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Jul 19th 2021

Caliverse - Bodyweight Fitness

Calisthenics for the whole universe - this is our mission and this is Caliverse. Giving a chance ...  More

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Jun 17th 2021


ShareSpace is a social media like platform that provides a safe space to share what you are ...  More

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Jun 1st 2021

Plant Nanny² Water Tracker

Plant Nanny¬≤ is a cute water reminder app that keeps track of how much water you drink, ...  More

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May 17th 2021

System2 Technologies

System2 Technologies allows you to get a remote personal trainer to coach you from the comfort ...  More

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May 13th 2021


Lupa is the world's smartest running coach. It is an app that combines a human-like experience ...  More

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May 11th 2021

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