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Communicate. Collaborate. Do more.

It would be nice if you could take your office wherever you went and were able to interact, communicate and collaborate wherever you could get Internet access, wouldn't it? CompanyConcert is a project management collaboration tool for teams of all sizes that will work for you whether you are in the office, at home or even commuting.     CompanyConcert is a one stop virtual office for web-based communication and collaboration for teams of all sizes. Whether you’re in the office, at home or commuting, CompanyConcert is available wherever you have internet access. It ...  More

CompanyConcert Jun 21st 2010

Don't leave it to fate!

I know some people that pick their Facebook friends from their friends own friends lists ( phew that was a lot of friends.) They do it because they figure that if they are friends of friends they must be pretty cool and have vaguely similar interests to themselves. Friendscanner is a free social chat tool for Facebook that kind of does the same thing. The main difference  here though, is that it is based on analysis rather than assumption. It can connect you with people with similar interests to yourself based on Facebook profiles.     Friendscanner connects you to ...  More

Friendscanner Sep 13th 2011

Your Own Personal Online Meeting Room.

Wow! When someone said "get a room" I didn't know this is what they meant. IMeet Video Conferencing isn't a dingy room in a backstreet hotel though. It's a penthouse apartment at The Ritz. iMeet is a low bandwidth video conferencing for business which isn't free but is so far ahead of the opposition it's well worth the US$39 for what it serves up.   Basically, you get your own meeting room online. Just talk through your computer from anywhere in the world or connect to any phone or mobile device at no extra charge. Invite guests – up to 15 at a time. It’s free for them ...  More

iMeet Video Conferencing Sep 1st 2011

Be social. Meet new people.

There's a lot of Facebook users who only really log on to play the games and have a chat with their friends. Socialcyte is a gaming social networking and chat tool that goes a bit further than that. Many people who play online games form pretty good relationships with some of their protagonists no matter where they are in the world. Here you can take that to another level by interacting with them while you are beating the socks off them.   The website is in it's early days at present but it's aim is to allow users to chat and play games while socializing and meeting new people in a ...  More

socialcyte Aug 30th 2011

Let people chat with you anonymously!

The world is a funny place these days. It's not the easiest thing to meet new people safely. That's why so many people use online meeting sites. So how do you ensure that your personal details remain unknown and be able to chat totally anonymously online, whatever your reason? is a chat tool that enables you to chat with whoever visits your profile in complete anonymity and totally free.  More Sep 7th 2011

Communication made unprecedentedly easy.

Sometimes you need an instant Internet chat with a friend or a business colleague right there and then. Maybe you need to pass on a code or a bunch of numbers or an address when you are on the phone. It's difficult isn't it? You can't afford to get it wrong. SimpleMeet goes someway to solving those problems in a free and very simple way. There are of course other means of communication available. But - be it telephone, instant messaging or email - not every form of communication is suitable for everything Sure, there's lots of instant messaging sites around - MSN and Skype, for example, ...  More Sep 5th 2011

Embedded Lightweight Chat Rooms

Do you have your favorite bar that you go to and it feels kinda comforting and homely? You know what I mean...there's a few guys chatting away in the corner. There's not too many people milling about and the barman knows your name. Well, WireClub is a social networking and chat site that has the same sort of small and intimate feeling as that bar.   More

Wireclub Mar 12th 2009

Talk online in privacy and anonmity.


 Have you ever wished that email and chat were more secure?  That's where Cloaklet comes in.    More

Cloaklet - Freedom Network Aug 17th 2011

4im App

For marketing, sales, and customer support, we connect you with your customers through all of ...  More

mac card line marketing app

Oct 4th 2022


"At Eyetem, we are rethinking the way that neighbors connect with each other and with law ...  More

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May 12th 2022

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