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Open Road

Open Road is the one driving app for your iPhone. One tap music, one tap navigation and one tap ...  More

car gps interactive

Dec 9th 2015

ezVideo - Free Wifi Video Transfer and Player iOS App

ezVideo App gives you an easy functionality to transfer your favourite videos and audios to your ...  More

ios wifi video

Oct 10th 2015

Masters of Backgammon

Masters of Backgammon allows you to enjoy the oldest board game on earth on a wide variety of ...  More

game android ios

Apr 18th 2015

Photo Transfer WiFi

Transfer Camera Roll content wirelessly and without hassle. Save your photos and HD videos to ...  More

computer ios ipod toch

Mar 25th 2015


Stickerlicious is a small online shop for minimalist designed macbook stickers. All stickers ...  More

art creativity design

Mar 3rd 2015


PhotoVideoCollage 1.0 is a new Mac app by Bit&Coffee that empowers users to create ...  More

ios mac music

Feb 20th 2015

Swift Programming from Scratch

We believe that the only way you can learn programming is through practice. Unfortunately a ...  More

mac programming

Feb 18th 2015

MCPlayer HD

The ultimate UPnp/DLNA video streamer and player for iOS Bring back the enjoyment and ease to ...  More

download mac media

Feb 9th 2015


ActionAlly is an OSX App that helps you cut through distraction to plan and execute on your ...  More

mac productivity software

Feb 6th 2015

MockDrop is a webapp for creating free mockups of your software. Simply drop a screenshot ...  More

iphone mac web application

Jan 28th 2015

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