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Pictureroo Memory Puzzle Challenge

Welcome to Pictureroo Memory Puzzle Challenge, the memory game that challenges your speed, ...  More

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Scarlett, memory games seniors

Scarlett is he first memory care program for seniors and elders through playful and cultural ...  More

memory health android

Memory game

Memory game for children, ideal for training the ability of observation and ...  More

memory game kids game

Congak Run

A "Run" themed game, which consist of solving equations to proceed, this game will be updated ...  More

memory education game


We are a small startup based in Los Angeles, CA. Ferris helps people edit and share videos ...  More

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My Credentials

This application stores your passwords and important dates. You don't have to remember ...  More

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Play NeuroLudus to keep your brain fit and to improve your memory, learning ability and ...  More

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Super Memory

The game challenges your memory. you have to find two or three identical images, depending on ...  More

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Yoga First Daily Asanas

This FULLY UPDATED AND CHANGED app is aimed at serving the ever-growing yoga community. Yoga ...  More

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Stamper is the Guestbook 2.0 Open the stamper wall of the place you physically are. Discover ...  More

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