Memory apps

Memory Match Games for Kids

Memory Match Games for Kids Game for kids that is not only fun to play but also improves ...  More

memory game kids

Mar 9th 2015

Memory shuffle puzzle

Wanna sharp your memory with fun??? Wanna enhance your concentration skills ??? If you want ...  More

memory android brainstorming

Jan 17th 2015

All in One Cleaner - Speed up

Description No need to install different applications to clean junk files, cache files, ...  More

memory backup share

Jan 17th 2015

Match Memory Training Game

Get ready for a exciting new app that has been scientifically proven to improve your memory all ...  More

memory fun game

Jan 13th 2015


Flashblick is a free Android flashcard game. It combines the fun of addictive games with ...  More

memory android education

Dec 13th 2014


The 1st music game fully playable with your eyes closed in "compass mode" is finally here! ...  More

game memory ios

Dec 5th 2014

Pin There, Done That

Ever wanted to keep track of your travels? "Pin There, Done That" allows you to do just that. ...  More

break memory android

Dec 2nd 2014

Mamy Gaga

Game of memory and speed, you will travel in various movies scenery. Mamy Gaga is a roguish ...  More

memory game android

Nov 24th 2014


"Gumba" means thumb in Swahili and that's the idea behind the game, you need your thumbs to ...  More

memory game android

Nov 10th 2014


Social Networking is very useful/relevant. NMemorius gives purpose to the social. People tend to ...  More

memory interactive music

Oct 14th 2014

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