Memory apps


Feeling nostalgic? Driftback for iPhone and iPad integrates and displays all your photos, ...  More

memory entertainment facebook

Jul 17th 2014

EkiMuki - Learn by playing with vehicles

Nowadays it’s quite usual to see children using tablets, they are experts in electronic ...  More

memory building education

Jun 30th 2014


Life would be so boring without all the beautiful memories we have. With time, it just becomes ...  More

memory journal organize

Jun 3rd 2014


UseClark is a document reader that lets you read and remember documents much faster and better. ...  More

memory read

Apr 22nd 2014


If you could have a message from anyone in your past delivered to you today, who would it be ...  More

memory digital identity

Mar 28th 2014

iLearn For Kids

This game application helps your child in recognizing alphabets and numbers. It makes learning ...  More

memory android game

Feb 21st 2014


With a combination of tactics, memory skills, and dexterity, the goal of this game is to guide ...  More

memory game

Jul 31st 2013

Kids Smart Memory Game

A classic memory board game for children all ages – preschoolers, kindergarten to pre-teens. ...  More

memory android education

Jul 12th 2013

Memrify is a free multiplatform secure place for your all of your personal and collective ...  More

memory notes share

Jun 10th 2013


My Likebook, my Facebook book… You liked it, share it, exchange it on Facebook, but ...  More

memory book facebook

May 11th 2013

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