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Itis probably not a great idea to self diagnose oneself over the Internet. Your health is the most important thing and it is vital to speak to your practitioner or personal trainer first. However, let's be practical here. There are a number of simple questions about your fitness, nutrition and weight that could quite easily be answered by people in the know. You could Google your question and get lots of different answers or you could head for a reliable place like HowLean. This health and fitness app let's you ask simple questions about your fitness and get solid and dependable advice ...  More

HowLean Nov 12th 2011

Does that place have bedbugs? Check or report here!

I must be one of the luckiest people around. I’ve travelled a bit both for business and pleasure purposes but I’ve never had the misfortune to be eaten alive by bedbugs! I’m not quite sure what the people behind this site hope to achieve but I suppose they are providing a public service of some kind. Having said that I do think their mission to "report and follow bedbug information around the world" could be just slightly bordering on the over ambitious. There are a number of ways of interpreting the activity (or lack of it) on the site and some are good and ...  More

Has Bed Bugs Jan 4th 2011

Managing your practice just got easier

Running a medical practice these days is like running any other business when it comes to organization. When it comes to appointment scheduling and record keeping however it’s probably even more vital to have a robust system in place accessible by all practitioners from anywhere they might be.  More

Cliniko offers such a system with great looking and easy to use pages covering not just practice/patient management but also invoicing and a level of financial reporting.   More

Cliniko Jul 8th 2011

Save it, track it, treat it

I may be a little too cynical to provide an objective review of this application and I wouldn’t want to give the impression that I don’t consider stress to be a serious issue because I do. What I am finding difficult is in trying to work out what angle it’s coming from. Is it trying to put some "fun" into stress, which is an oxymoron of gargantuan proportions, or is it to be taken as a serious aid to reducing the condition?  More

StressPile Jul 13th 2011

Integrate all your self-tracking data in one place.

Very few of us are really in contact with the wellbeing of our own bodies. When we do make an effort to do something about our inner self it tends to be a little fragmented with information spread over different devices or mobile apps. TrackIgnite allows users to gather all your self-tracking data into a beautiful dashboard and automatically transforms it into detailed graphs and charts.     Trackignite empowers you to take responsibility for your health through quantified data. This organize tool for your health and wellbeing is a site that allows users to sync all their ...  More

TrackIgnite Oct 26th 2011

Our tools ensure you engage and retain members like never before. For life.

Fitness is big business these days and here’s an app that will help both coaches and those sweating under their guidance. It’s easy to lose motivation when trying to stick to a particular regime but with FitView members can stay focused by engaging with their coach and other group members. A simplified description of the app might say that it’s a bit like a social networking site but with a lot of sections and features geared to fitness. Coaches can set up a profile and invite group members who are undergoing the same programme. Personal fitness details like height, ...  More

FitView Jul 24th 2011

Improving Canine Health and Safety

To many of us our dogs are truly part of the family. Sometimes they are the pack leader and run the house as if it were their own but that's another story that you need to discuss with a certain Mr Cesar Millan. But while we are talking of dogs I'll introduce you to DogHeirs. A site that is all about dogs, dogs and more dogs. DogHeirs is passionate about helping dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives and helps dog lovers connect to protect and care for man's best friend.   DogHeirs is a community-driven pet health social network for dog people passionate about improving canine ...  More

DogHeirs Oct 18th 2011

How's your happiness?

Not feeling quite yourself today but you don't know why? It's not like it's your birthday and everyone forgot about you or anything. Some days are better than others. So how can you work out just what is causing that dark cloud over your head? Illuum is an inner health tool that can help you figure out what the ups and downs of your happiness and contentment really mean.     You’re not as happy as you want to be but you don’t know why. Illuum is a new app that lets you stop wondering. It’ll help you figure out the whens and whys of your happiness. Analyze ...  More

Illuum Oct 17th 2011

Side Effects, Treatments and Symptoms from Medify

No, Medify isn't a self diagnosing tool. That would be a little dangerous. It's an online health search tool that accesses the published findings of leading researchers, physicians and medical institutions worldwide. Their published findings of thousands of cases and details of ways of treating their symptoms are gathered together online to promote the advancement of medicine.   Modify gathers millions of these case studies of real patients every day and it's powerful search engine scans all the relevant details and extracts key phrases and information in each study. Patients with ...  More

Medify Sep 14th 2011

Helping you reach your health and fitness goals!

The hardest thing about starting a fitness regime is finding enough time to implement it. A bit of motivation wouldn't go amiss either. What you really need is your own personal trainer. Well, Fitoodle is a social networking health and fitness tool that will act as your very own personal trainer as well as keeping you in touch with other health conscious friends.   It doesn't really matter whether you are just wanting to trim up a bit ready for summer or are about to embark on a major lifestyle health change, Fitoodle is devoted to helping people reach their health and fitness goals ...  More

Fitoodle Sep 12th 2011

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