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Real time messaging gives that walkie talkie experience

Probably the most amazing thing about this iOS video messaging application is the fact that delivery is instant. Vtalkie uses simple 'press and talk' technology that allows you to share video or text messages immediately. So, effectively, this turns this easy to use communication app into a back-and-forth,  real-time 'walkie talkie' messaging service. The app also adds a social element allowing you to search for friends via social profiles. Like Glide, Vtalkie video walkie talkie is a free application that lets you get your message across fast. However, the former is only available ...  More

Vtalkie video walkie talkie Aug 3rd 2013

All the hits of the last century at your fingertips

Let's just say for a start that whoever it was that took on this project of a music application has done an astonishing job. It started off as a pet project from a developer who loved listening to the music of the ages but was getting bored with seeing a song on the billboard charts, no matter what era, and having to hunt up a clip on YouTube or suchlike. So they developed this stand alone application where you can click on any song  that hit the billboard top 100 going back to 1946!!!! Pretty damned impressive, don't you think? is a completely free music and ...  More Jul 15th 2013

Keep up with your remote co-workers with video that is always on

Even when your whole workforce is situated on site it's still not the easiest thing to get them to collaborate efficiently. They might be working in the adjacent room and still not be able to get their message across to an individual or the team. Thats why so many companies are using intranet social networks to keep everyone on board. Now imagine how difficult it must be when some of your team members are scattered over different areas of the country or on the other side of the world.   Sqwiggle is a video workroom that is always turned on so that you can continually keep in video ...  More

Sqwiggle Jun 12th 2013

Stream your PC content onto your mobile in real time

So many of us are using our smartphones and tablets far more than we do our personal and work computers these days. With the advances in technology for those devices moving at such a rapid rate over the last couple of years their popularity has soared. In fact, with the aid of a good wifi and a few apps, they can almost become a second computer. But there are still some things on your computer that you can't view on your device unless you are prepared to use cumbersome and time consuming methods. AirStream is an app that lets you stream media content and other files in real time from your ...  More

AirStream Jun 5th 2013

Get instant access to everything you use on the internet in one page

It's probably the introduction of devices like smartphones and tablets that have brought about the likes of an app like Startific. iPhones and iPad have their apps lined up so neatly and precisely within the interface that we now realize how pleasant and efficient it is to have all our accessible information laid out at our fingertips via their colorful icons. Startific is a beautiful, functional and customizable startpage where you can import and organize all your most important links, bookmarks, icons and widgets so that they are now just a fingertip away from access.   Startific ...  More

Startific Jun 3rd 2013

The Doors' music isnt quite over yet

There was a period in my life in my teens when I listened to The Doors album LA Woman every day for a year or so. It's a long story so I won't bore you with the reasons but, to this day, I know every single musical nuance of that record. So it a pleasant surprise to see this new official iPad app being released by their record company, Warner Brothers, and compiled by their former boss - Jac Holzman. The Doors App is a music application that was put together by Holzman while he was gathering material and readying the 40th Anniversary release of the band's classic LA Woman album. After 16 ...  More

The Doors App May 27th 2013

The grunge revival starts here...hold the smellovision, though!

How could we here at the FeedMyApp offices pass up the opportunity to review an app with a name as tasteful as this one. After all, is there anyone out there that can manage to refrain from offering a smile when someone even mentions the fart world. We are a strange race, that's for sure. Fart Guitar is actually a music application for iOS and Android that offers a new take on the grunge guitar sound. It lets you play your licks on your device with some of the wildest farting guitar sounds this side of the Black Keys. You can play all your favorite songs but with a particular down and ...  More

Fart Guitar May 19th 2013

Make sure your private videos are only seen by the right people

There are times when you have to send a video or text message to a friend or colleague that has to be secure. You have to be sure that only the people that see it are the ones that you want to see it. Let's assume you are organizing a wedding and you only want certain people, like bridesmaids, to see their dresses. ZipaClip is an app to app messaging application for iOS that let's you send sensitive and private videos and text messages to fellow users with total security. What's more, if you change your mind, you can recall the video whether the recipient has seen it or not.   ...  More

ZipaClip - Secure Video and Text Messaging May 16th 2013

'Scuse me while i kiss which guy?

We've all got an embarrassing story about misheard lyrics in songs that you think you are totally familiar with. Desmond Dekker's classic hit "The Israelites" always baffled me when I was a kid because I was convinced that Mr Dekker was telling me that his 'ears are alight.' Maybe you had to be there. Of late, there was a Foo Fighters song where I always wondered who the Allison was and why it was the last song he'd write to her. It wasn't until recently that I found out that Dave was singing "I listen, but your out of tune" and the song was about Kurt Cobain. MusicLyrics is a new music ...  More May 16th 2013

A user-friendly music app that looks a million dollars

There's something very likable about music apps. Whenever I send my friends details of new music apps they are always excited by the prospect of another way of creating a cool place to find out more about their favorite musicians. ArtistBox is an iOS app that searches through your iPhone or iPad music library and displays them within the beautiful looking interface. While there are plenty of other similar apps around, ArtistBox excels on its user-friendliness and its depth of information. The app aggregates a vast amount of photos and info to enhance your listening experience.   ...  More

ArtistBox May 9th 2013

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