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Online appointment bookings to cut workload and improve conversion

I’ve seen a few good booking apps around and this one is certainly up there in terms of look and ease of use. If you run a service business such as a hair salon, photographic studio or equipment rental shop then Book’d will enable you to create a website styled to your choice and start taking online bookings, and better still online payments, in minutes. As you would expect with a system like this it not only makes it easy for your customers to book, and with that a reduction in the time you spend on the telephone, it also brings a high level of organization to the party.  More

Book'd Dec 10th 2011

Publish your own book

I remember as a kid writing long stories with a fountain pen, adding a few drawings and then binding all the sheets of paper together in brown parcel paper tied down the middle with wool. I was an author at eight years old and nobody was going to tell me any different! It’s funny but I never sold any copies but my mother still has them in a box somewhere and they come out now and again when the subject of me writing for a living comes up, bless!  More

Tikatok Dec 10th 2011

"The dog ate my homework" just won't wash with Schoolrack

My word how school life has changed! At the risk of giving my age away I was at school in the days before even photocopiers were a widespread part of a teacher’s kit. I can still remember the smell of the duplicating ink on the History hand-outs.  As for the excuses about why a particularly nasty piece of homework was missing well, leaving it on the bus was about as original as I got. It follows then that a site like Schoolrack would have seemed as far away as a manned expedition to Mars but educational software has now got one over the guys at NASA.  More

SchoolRack Dec 9th 2011

Cheaper than a PA - and it won't expect a Christmas present!

If you can’t afford that PA to pop your day’s agenda on your desk every morning then this could be a cheaper option. You won’t have to buy birthday and Christmas presents for it either! ContactMe looks simple enough but it will do a thorough job in getting your busy schedule organized. Once that’s sorted it can then move on and make you so much more contactable by people who just might want to spend money.  More

ContactMe Dec 7th 2011

Schedule a shift for your staff – and then make sure they do it!

Poor employees, gone are the days when you could finish a shift and forget about the boss until the next one. Once upon a time you could even ignore the ringing of the telephone just in case it was him with a desperate invitation to do some more hours. I’m being a little unfair perhaps. Although Enigmai does give business owners a greater chance of success at contacting employees out of hours that’s not all it can do. As a scheduler it not only manages shifts but can monitor attendance as well as acting as a useful employee management system.  More

Enigmai - Employee scheduling and management Dec 7th 2011

A welcome addition to any educational establishment

Don’t let the name of this one fool you. If you thought it was merely an alternative to the old school register then you need to take a closer look. It does have an updated version of that function of course but it also has a host of features that make it an all-round campus management system. Whether you run a school, college or university it will help you streamline a lot of the processes that have historically taken up valuable teaching time. What’s more it has a level of collaboration attached to it that enables students and their parents to access the functions ...  More

Attendance Online Dec 1st 2011

Tips for wannabe management consultants

Having access to the question paper before sitting an exam would obviously give you a considerable advantage but few of us have ever had that luxury. It strikes me as slightly comical therefore that a group of business school students have got together to develop a site that aims to give you the answers to questions that might arise when you’re being interviewed for a management consultant post.  More

Case Interview Database Dec 1st 2011

Look after your an organized sort of way

I’m sure we’ve all been guilty of it, rummaging through drawers when trying to find the instruction manual or guarantee for the kitchen appliance that’s just decided to stop working. To be honest I still am guilty of it and this app was clearly developed with people like me in mind. Having said that, anyone who has perhaps been more organized historically and kept all of their home maintenance information filed neatly away will still find this app more than useful.  More

HomeSpot HQ Nov 30th 2011

An illustrated record of your life...

I’m a great believer in people writing some sort of record of their lives and I don’t just mean the rich and famous. There a far too many gravestones in the world with no story attached to them as far as I’m concerned and so getting people to jot down just some basic daily or weekly events is a start. There are wider implications of course and even though many people will consider their lives mundane and of no interest whatsoever to anyone else the generations that follow will probably see things in a different light. From a social history angle, either locally or ...  More

MOREDAYS Nov 30th 2011

See your data analysed and presented in a dashboard format

If looks are anything to go by then this one is right up there in respect of the visual impact that the various dashboards project. If you run a business and are fed up with having to decipher the spreadsheets provided by your departments then there is a very good chance that what you want can be found here. In fact you don’t even have to be running a business to make use of bittle-solutions, just a desire to see your data analysed and presented in a dashboard format.  More

bittle Nov 30th 2011

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