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Social networking for our other best friends

And about time too! There are social networks for regular folks, business folks and just about any other sub genres of folks so why not one for your pets. It doesn't really matter whether you have pets of your own or just love seeing other people's animals because FabPets is a social network app for pets, pet owners and pet services as well as dog, cat and other pet lovers worldwide. Connect with fellow pet lovers from around the world on your iOS or Android and chat, create groups and pages, upload photos and videos and indulge yourself in everything to do with our animal best friends. ...  More

FabPets Jan 6th 2014

Where's Sophie? Use QRCodes to find lost pets for their owners

Is there anything sadder or worrying than a lost pet. It's sad for the owner because they don't know where their beloved Sophie has disappeared to. It's worrying for the person that finds her because the only real option, if there isn't a tag around its neck, is to whisk the poor thing off to the vet and hope that it's been microchipped. Here is where SOSLostPets comes in. Their prime objective is to find a way to connect the pet owner with their lost pet and they even provide a reward for finding them. SOS gives you a unique tag engraved with a toll free phone number, a unique ID number ...  More Nov 21st 2012

Connect with trustworthy pet and house sitters for free

What do you do with your pets when you go away on holiday? It's not so bad if it's a dog or a cat because there are plenty of kenneling businesses around. Check out FeedMyApp's recent reviews of Pawuv, Spotwag and Embarkly for information on those. Trusted Housesitters is a pet and vacation app that connects pet owners with trusted and trustworthy animal lovers to provide willing house and pet sitters while you are away.   Trusted Housesitters is an app for home and pet owners as well as being a place for trustworthy pet lovers and housesitters. It enables the two to connect for ...  More

Trusted Housesitters Oct 13th 2012

Find pet-friendly US hotels for you and your four-legged friends on the road

You might remember an app that FeedMyApp reviewed a few months ago called Embarkly which listed good kennels for your pet when you go on holiday. PaWuv takes the search one step further by listing thousands of pet-friendly hotels over the length and breadth of the United States ensuring Butch and Sundance have as an enjoyable holiday as you do. Pawuv is an iOS application that lists all the information you will need to make a better informed decision on hotels that happily accept animals as well as yourself. It is fully searchable by acceptance policies and location as well as  price. ...  More

PaWuv Aug 17th 2012

Book your pet a holiday rather than a basket on the roof of the car

So what do you do with the family dog or cat when you are going on holiday? Pack the poor pooch into a dog basket on the roof of the car like Mitt Romney, maybe? Get someone in to feed the animal or farm them out to friends? Or you could send them off on a holiday, too. Embarkly is a pet and travel search engine application that turns your hunt for a boarding kennel into a well organized and somewhat fun enterprise. This free app lets you search out the best kennels for your beloved pet based on location, price and the amenities available.   Embarkly is a fun, new dog and cat ...  More

Embarkly Jun 14th 2012

Get your Facebook friends to babysit your pets

Spotwag goes some way to solving the neverending problem with what to do with your pet when you go on holiday. Do you put them in an expensive pet stay place with people they dont know in a place they dont know either? Or do you co-ordinate help from the friends you have out there that you already know and trust? Sounds like a much better bet to me and so much more pleasant and relaxed for your pet. Everyone's a winner.   You can use Spotwag to coordinate help for your pet from friends you already trust and you can do it quickly and easily. Never again will you feel pressure to leave ...  More

Spotwag Feb 28th 2012

NYC dogwalkers at your door in an hour

There are only a few things you need to know about Swifto Dog Walking. For a start you need to be in New York City. If that's you then read on. The rest of you better twiddle your thumbs for a couple of minutes. Okay, the next criteria is liking dogs. If that's a tick too then we are in business. If you have a dog (or like to walk them) in NYC then you might find this pet app very useful. Swifto is a high repute organization that offers dog walkers for hire at just an hour's notice. Equally, if you like to walk a canine or two you can earn money by attaching yourself to the site.  More

Swifto Dog Walking Dec 31st 2011

Cats and dogs - get them organized

It’s quite a responsibility looking after someone else’s pooch or moggy when they’re away and if you make it a business rather than just a favour for friends then you’ll need some serious organization to gain a credible reputation. certainly gives you plenty of features to run an efficient and professional looking boarding kennel or cattery as far as the administration side goes. You’ll still have to clean the pens and walk and groom your charges but then those are the pleasures of the business.  More

Kennelboard Nov 29th 2011

Improving Canine Health and Safety

To many of us our dogs are truly part of the family. Sometimes they are the pack leader and run the house as if it were their own but that's another story that you need to discuss with a certain Mr Cesar Millan. But while we are talking of dogs I'll introduce you to DogHeirs. A site that is all about dogs, dogs and more dogs. DogHeirs is passionate about helping dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives and helps dog lovers connect to protect and care for man's best friend.   DogHeirs is a community-driven pet health social network for dog people passionate about improving canine ...  More

DogHeirs Oct 18th 2011


Keep your pet healthy with KeepPet: create a digital passport, chat with vets and join a global ...  More

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