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A great set of free photo edit tools to create GIF's and other cool stuff for your blog

Readers who tune into our reviews on a reasonably regular basis will know just how much we love a good photo editing application. Usually they tend to be a single function set of tools that will use different filters to turn your photos into something special. Quite often, these days, I will use two or maybe three different apps to achieve some truly artistic masterpieces - well, I think so, anyway. So it's kinda rare when a free app comes along that gives you multiple photo editing tools. Viscomsoft Social Galleries is a photo sharing and photo editing tool that gives you over twenty ...  More

Viscomsoft Social Galleries Aug 12th 2013

Give yourself movie-star looks with this great little photoshop

We all need a bit of a touch up every now and again, don't we? And when it comes to our online photos, it's pretty easy to take out all those little blemishes in our skin if you have the right photo editing tools for the job. Many editing tools will do a fair amount of the work for you like red eye removal and general spottyness but now there is a great little photoshop app that is custom designed for the job. BeautyPlus is a free photo editor that is probably going to be adored by girls everywhere. It features a whole spectrum of great tools to enhance the beauty of your photo portraits ...  More

BeautyPlus Apr 28th 2013

Its Instagram with great frames, filters and collages

It's quite amazing just how many photo edit applications that there are available for mobile phones and tablets these days. I must have 5 or 6 on my iPad and, you know what? They all offer different and quite wonderful variations on the theme and I get quite excited when a new one comes along so I can see what it is going to do for me. There are one or two that have really taken off big time, of course, and none are bigger than the Instagram phenomenon. InstaGenius is a new photoshop editing application that contains multiple photo filtering techniques, great borders and frames as well as ...  More

InstaGenius Aug 23rd 2012

Take great panoramic widescreen photos with your iOS or Android

The first and probably the most important thing I can tell you about this superb and cheap photo app for iOS and Android is that it has been developed by Wondershare. In case you arent aware of the quality of Wondershare apps their other two flagship applications are the 'best in class' photo apps Powercam and Powersketch. Where Panorama differs from these others is by giving you exactly what it's name suggests. A panoramic widescreen image of the picture you want to take.   Its not that long ago that you would probably have had to buy an expensive wide-angle lens to produce shots ...  More

Panorama Jun 12th 2012

A photoshop to change the color of your day

How many photo apps do you have on your iDevice, I wonder. I guess most of you have Instagram which seems to have exploded beyond belief. What about Photo Toaster or Powersketch? You can see reviews of both of those two on Feedmyapp too. Photo LOL is a virtual photoshop of effects that specializes in retouching and recoloring your photos to turn them into great pieces of art to amaze your friends. What's more, it's incredibly easy to use and heaps of fun when you get the hang of it.   Photo LoL is an incredible photo-retouch iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch application that has the ability ...  More

Photo LoL Jun 10th 2012


Photola app - the best way to learn photography and become better photographer. Well illustrated ...  More

tutorials camera photo

Jan 28th 2020


PhotoPhonic is a new photoshop application. Its filters can be applied to photos instantly with ...  More

ios10 application photo

Mar 22nd 2017

PerfectPic - Photo Filters

Have you ever wanted to take that perfect pic but don't have the app for that? Do the apps you ...  More

entertainment photoshare photoshop

Jul 2nd 2015


Filtux is a small and lightweight (under 1 MB) and simple photo effect app. But despite the file ...  More

creativity images photo

May 24th 2015

Photo flickr

Photo flicker provides you fun and effective Photo/Image editor that gives you a chance to ...  More

fun images photo

May 23rd 2015

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