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The fishing social network that wont get away

Somehow, up until now, the concept of fishermen and a social network didn't quite sit right with me. I don't know if it's the fact that fishing is an outdoor activity and the complete opposite of the original idea f the social network. But with the explosion of the mobile and tablet phenomenon everything has changed now. Now fishermen can sit proudly alongside workers, photo enthusiasts and students in having their own network. Fishfeed Mobile is a community where you can do all those things that a network does including sharing videos and photos with other fishing enthusiasts.   If ...  More

Fishfeed Mobile Feb 17th 2013

More fun than a box full of Karaoke machines

Jukeboxer is an hilarious interactive music app that will have you in stitches. With a name like Jukeboxer, you might be fooled into thinking this is yet another basic music player. However, this is an app that isn't just about listening to music. It encourages the listener to participate and record their version of a song and share it with the world. Don't worry too much if you don't have a great voice or are on the shy side because the app features a neat little Voice Filter to make it sound great.   Jukeboxer is a free iPhone app that is part game and part musical challenge. It is ...  More

Jukeboxer Feb 14th 2013

There's a new game in town and its name is Anagrams HD

While games like Sudoku have totally revolutionized numerical brain training there really hasn't been anything take off in the same way when it comes to word games. Scrabble, Pictionary and the cryptic crossword still rule the roost in my house, that's for sure. One has to ask oneself if this lack of written stimulation could be partly responsible for the dreadful grammar that is prevalent in our society in the 21st Century. So it's very pleasant to find a game like Anagrams HD - iBrain being released for iOS. For the uninitiated, anagrams are those tricky little word puzzles where you ...  More

Anagrams HD - iBrain Feb 8th 2013

A fun and logic-based kids board game for ipad

The rapid rise in popularity of tablets in general and iPad in particular has thrown open the whole concept of mobile games over the last couple of years. While the home computer opened up the whole gaming world it doesn't have the user-friendliness of a mobile version to capture the attention of the younger ones and the mobile phone is just too small. Confetti HD is a challenging new fast paced and fun game for older kids. This colorful logic-based board game for iOS requires you to gain points by collecting the right combination of three cards and complete your set. Sounds simple enough? ...  More

Confetti HD Jan 16th 2013

Social recommendations from fellow users

It's often said that critics are simply failed performers who got out of the bed the wrong way before they saw the film, played the game or visited the restaurant but that's not really fair. There are some great reviewers around these days with a pure passion for the things they love - but they are getting few and far between. Personally, I have a rule that I never review anything that I don't like, whether it is an app, a movie or a piece of music. But, with everybody seemingly having an opinion about everything these days, it seems the most reliable form of reviewing might well be by ...  More

Kwixer Jan 7th 2013

A wildly addictive game to smash those pesky 'roaches

Roach Smasher is one of those totally addictive arcade style games that you can just pick up and play wherever you are and whenever you want. There's no saving your games or different levels to try to attain. It's just a full-on assault for you to simply smash every one of those pesky cockroaches but beware, if you fail to hit enough of the evil little bugs, you could well be in danger of falling through the thin ice you are skating on. If you miss enough times it's game over for you and you fall through the ice. Roach Smasher is a fun game for your iOS that will keep you amused for a ...  More

Roach Smasher Jan 3rd 2013

Get social with this wordy version of Charades!

Now that the silly season is well and truly here you are probably going to need a bit of fun entertainment to keep you and your friends occupied, arent you? I guess Charades is a bit out of the question for an online game but Listen Up! is a freeiOS application that offers an interesting take on the genre with this turn based word game with a difference. Choose either easy, medium or hard words to earn mics, or points, by recording an audio clip describing it...without, of course, using the word. The game encourages your creativity and imagination to think up a description for your word ...  More

Listen Up! lite Dec 25th 2012

Old school downhill skiing for your iOS

I remember those days when the Italian master downhill skier Alberto Tomba used to weave his magic in the slalom events at the Winter Olympics. It seemed for a while there that no one would beat him. It wasn't that long afterwards that Microsoft introduced a skiing game called SkiFree for Windows 3.1 and Windows 95 that everyone played for a bit of fun. Well, this great addictive old school downhill racer has now been adapted for iOS and proves itself to be just as addictive as its parent. That is, until you get caught by the abominable snowman, of course.   Do you remember SkiFree? ...  More

SkeeFree Dec 7th 2012

Play cops and robbers on the streets of Melbourne

It's a little know fact for those living outside Australia that the lucky country also had its unsavoury underworld characters akin to the Mafia at various points of the twentieth century. Melbourne had its fair share of violent mob wars and that is the basis for this surprisingly fun and rather addictive game made in conjunction with the TV series that exploded onto our screens over the last few years. IUnderbelly Skirmish is a multi-platform, lane-based strategy game for iOS and Android where you can choose to be either the cops or the robbers and select your team to either uphold the ...  More

Underbelly Skirmish Dec 2nd 2012

Give Obama a mandate to fix the fiscal cliff

It's quite amazing that the rest of the world would happily have Barack Obama as their leader and yet about half the voting public in the US didn't actually vote for him in the recent Presidential election. Personally, I think that in 100 years time he will be talked about the same way that we talk about Lincoln, Kennedy, Washington and Roosevelt but I guess that depends on your political views. If you are a supporter you will be mightily pleased that he won and, by playing this iPad rotate and tilt game, you can try to increase his majority and win all 538 electoral votes. You might be ...  More

Obama's Clean Sweep Nov 26th 2012

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