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More used cars and bikes than you can poke a stick at

CarOcean is a new car advertising app from the United Kingdom that collects moto ads concerning used cars, motorbikes and car parts. It also delivers a very detailed, speedy and advanced search engine that let's you get to the heart of your moto desires by giving you the option to search for your dream car. That means, if you are desperate to buy a cerise colored car, then that's exactly what you can search for. It's a very user friendly and free app that really does make it easy for you to find the perfect motor vehicle for you. CarOcean is a new service that gives you access to moto ads ...  More

CarOcean Jan 17th 2012

Road rage online - the safer version

If you’ve ever been cut up by a lousy driver and are clever enough to take down their license plate without breaking the law then you now have the platform to warn the rest of the locality about them. You can of course also flag up any drivers who impress you with their road skills, well their license plate anyway. I’m not sure I would have the inclination to get home, log in and vent my spleen about someone who had just pulled out in front of me. If it was a really dangerous piece of driving which could, but for the grace of God, have resulted in fatalities then perhaps ...  More

Driver Ratings Dec 24th 2011

Love your car?

For most people, the most expensive asset they own after their home is probably their car. If you add the cost of running it over a number of years to the original purchase price then I think you’ll see where I’m coming from. This site looks like it has a lot of features to help you make sure that you spend your money wisely when it comes to servicing and repairs and even goes a long way towards giving you some self-help tips. If you’ve lived this long in ignorance of the workings of the internal combustion engine then you can certainly catch up here in the ...  More

RepairPal Dec 16th 2011

e-commerce for car dealerships

Gone are the days of Arthur Daley and whispers of "wanna buy a nice motor, mate?" The automotive business has well and truly moved into the 21st Century. AppMobile is an app for your Android or iPhone aimed fairly and squarely at the car dealers of the world and manages to combine the unique qualities of the web, mobiles, social networking and e-commerce in one powerful business solution tool.   Appmobile is a suite of Web 3.0 applications that combine the strengths of web, mobile, social media and e-commerce. These applications have powerful uses in the automotive segment for helping ...  More

Appmobile Dec 14th 2011

Rent Luxury Cars

Do you feel envious when you are driving around town in your rented Ford Fiasco and watching as all the cool luxury cars whip past you? It would be great to be able to hire something a bit more upmarket to make a change. The problem there, of course, is it's a little cost prohibitive, isn't it? While it would be nice to shell out for that Mustang for a day it's not particularly cheap and could set you back hundreds of dollars. So if I told you there was a cool little members only club you could join where you could rent luxury cars for about half the price of most of the Main Street ...  More

HiGear Nov 11th 2011

Find cheap used cars for sale

If you are anything like me when it comes to buying a car you get it all wrong. Usually I will have this idea in my head of the one perfect car for me and nothing will change that. Then after a week or so I come to my senses and realize there are a good twenty or so cars out there that fit into my demographics. CheapCarFinds is one of those great classified car search tools that hunts through cars for sale on Craigslist, and Autotrader to find one of those twenty or so cars that is just right for you. is a free tool that searches Craigslist, ...  More Oct 25th 2011

Campus Car Sharing. With people you trust.

Whether it's your social conscience or your bank balance you have to think twice about owning a car in these turbulent times. You might consider it a bit socially irresponsible to drive the gas-guzzler to campus every day. It's not easy to park it either is it? Or maybe it's the money side that's getting to you and it's getting harder to fill the tank. Well that's where Wheelz comes in. This  is a car share tool where you can rent cars by the hour or day from the other members of the campus that DID buy a car but dont want to leave it just sitting around on campus all day. ...  More

Wheelz Oct 15th 2011

CarSort helps you find the perfect Car

One of the cleverest things I ever did was to employ the services of a car broker to find my 'perfect' car a few years back. I think I paid him $500 for finding me my dream car and he did it. By using his unique networking skills and his knowledge of all things to do with the motor vehicle he found me the car I wanted based on the information I gave him. CarSort is a car searching tool that can be your very own car broker by making the consumer find the car they want by making informed decisions fast.     Carsort has a pretty simple goal. To empower consumers to make ...  More

CarSort Oct 13th 2011

Vehicle/mileage tracking done with ease

Never before have we been forced to keep detailed logs of the distance we travel in our motor vehicle whether it be the humble Mini or the Scania truck.  It doesnt matter if it's for taxation purposes, business expenses or just for pure pleasure it is becoming more and more important to log your travel movements. Vehicle Logs by Sockii is a simple and cool way to track your movements for all of your vehicles.   Vehicle Logs is an iphone car organize tool that is an extremely easy and beautiful way to track your trips for all of your vehicles. With a streamlined information-entry ...  More

Vehicle Logs by Sockii Sep 14th 2011

Pain-Free mileage tracking

Anyone who spends their working week on the road will have dreamed of having something like this. Not just to free up their time but to capture all of those claimable miles that have been lost due to not logging them or forgetting about a business trip altogether.  More

This new app is currently only available on Android smartphones although support for iPhones and the introduction of an own branded hardware device is scheduled for the near future. Any GPS device capable of saving or being converted to the GPX1.0 or 1.1 file format is supported.  More

MileTrack GPS Jun 15th 2011

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