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A great CRM that is free for the solo business person

Regular readers of our FeedMyApp reviews might remember some comments we made a few weeks ago regarding free apps that are brilliant for the small business person or freelancer. Many business apps have a free version for the single user and Centrium CRM is one of those that really should make those freelancers sit up and take notice. This fully brandable and very user-friendly customer relations management app gives the single user all the same benefits as the paid user including the ability to track your business from first contact through to final payment.   Centrium is a ...  More

Centrium CRM Sep 18th 2012

Monitor all your websites free 24/7

You used to have to constantly keep one eye open to make sure your website was running up to scratch but now, with the introduction of tracking tools, you can automatically check to see  whether all is well from any desired location. But StatusCake goes one step further. This website monitoring service checks your any number of sites for performance and downtime every five minutes from different places the world over to make sure you know if anything goes wrong. If there are issues, StatusCake will send you immediate notification.   It is important to know when your website is ...  More Sep 7th 2012


Legal documents can be used to perform many essential and practical tasks within US law but for ...  More

document management saas legal


The hybrid business models we've adopted during the pandemic will continue to evolve, but there ...  More

hybrid remote-work saas

Viewpoint PMS

Viewpoint is a cloud based timeshare management and resort management software solution, with ...  More

saas cloud-based hotel reservation system


Vershd is the effortless Git GUI for Windows, Mac, & Linux. It boosts your software development ...  More

software as a service software tool


QuickPublisher is a simple blogging platform built to make posting articles easy and fast! ...  More

saas web application blog

Fresh Lead Finder

Fresh Lead Finder is a powerful local lead scraping tool which spits out hundreds of local ...  More

saas lead generation leads


Generats is a marketing suite tool that provides you with the 10 tools to grow your company and ...  More

chatbot marketing leads


2Meters is a digital queue and appointment management tool, which has been designed to help ...  More

saas appointment scheduling software customer attraction

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