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Campus Bazar

Campusbazar is a free web application for college students that enables them to buy and sell ...  More

buy buy&sell community

Apr 14th 2012 brings the ability to quickly list and promote old or new, loved or unloved stuff. ...  More

ecommerce facebook marketplace

Apr 5th 2012

Miscake Stores

Miscake Stores is one of the Miscake lab research projects. It is a service for building ...  More

ecommerce sell design

Mar 5th 2012


LicenseQuote is a complete music licensing e-commerce solution which makes it easy for ...  More

music sell

Dec 17th 2011


Digioh offers a fully hosted way to sell downloads. Just upload your file, set a price, and ...  More

download ebook ecommerce

Dec 13th 2011

BeamSnap is a revolutionary online marketplace. With a "Twitter-like" design, BeamSnap ...  More

buy&sell ecommerce marketplace

Dec 9th 2011


Jointli is an end-to-end shared ownership platform that helps people set up and manage ...  More

sell share tools

Oct 15th 2011


Fairbooks makes textbook buyback suck less. Customers using one of our 54 competitors have a ...  More

book education sell

Oct 12th 2011

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