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YC Rejects

Over the holidays, the friends and I built a side project we are launching called YC Rejects. ...  More

entrepreneur techstars yc

Dec 30th 2021

Intensifly Prudentia

We help small businesses to enjoy competition and save time and effort for new ideas and ...  More

machinelearning analytics saas tool

Jun 25th 2021


numberslides is demystifying financial forecasts for start ups. As a founder or manager of an ...  More

forecasting funding fintech

Mar 10th 2021


The best software is that which is able to find a balance between simplicity and power. This is ...  More

collaboration project management task management

Aug 8th 2018


Buildily is a Business Accelerator Platform created to help Startups & Businesses. Our mission ...  More

funding tool business

Jun 21st 2018

DiscoveringApps helps you discover new, amazing apps. You can take a look at the featured ...  More

marketing apps startups

Apr 20th 2017


BUPZ is a “Find Engine” where you can find best of websites, services, business tools, apps, ...  More

curated web directory

Jan 15th 2017

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