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Coupons Made Easy

When it comes to marketing and promotion it seems that the old coupon method is still a big favourite with the public. Of course these days you don’t just see them in newspapers and magazines surrounded by dotted lines and the symbol for a pair of scissors, they come at you electronically too.  More

Coupontank Jun 16th 2011

The smarter way to create successful Facebook Page promotions

If you look at the quality of many Facebook Pages you wonder why they bother sometimes. It's all very well creating your very own page but you're fooling yourself if you think thats the end of the story.not going to get a lot of people returning to see you unless you keep it interesting. Pinpoint Social is a Facebook marketing and promotion design tool for creating contests and giveaways to reward your customers and help you gain more fans.     Any business, marketer or designer can now create powerful Facebook Page contests and giveaways with Pinpoint Social - the smart ...  More

Pinpoint Social Oct 19th 2011

It's time for your store to flourish.

If you’re a small independent retailer you probably think the big boys have had it all their own way for long enough and you wouldn’t be alone. Not only can they often beat you on price due to their bulk buying capacity they seem to possess all the necessary tricks for analyzing their customer’s behaviour and buying habits.  More

Thrive - for independent store owners Aug 22nd 2011

Promote your business

For businesses and traders who haven’t got the time, or perhaps more importantly the money, to create a website capable of pulling in enough custom to pay for it then Merchant Circle is worth looking at.   More

It serves both the shopper and the business owner in that it is a nationwide directory for local goods and services and a platform for promoting a business’s activities.  More

MerchantCircle Nov 8th 2007

Marketing Improvement Solutions for B2B Companies

I have no doubt that there are still some businesses out there guilty of the heinous crime of half-hearted marketing campaigns. In fact I’ve worked for one and if there was a referral fee up for grabs I’d be the first one bashing on the CEO’s door and pointing him in the direction of this site.   More

Demandbase Jun 14th 2010

Understand how a company's products impact its stock price

The stock market can seem like a complete mystery to a lot of us and the fundamental question of how a company’s activity and performance determines its stock price is often met with a blank stare.  More

A lot of people put great store in a company’s financial statements and whilst these are a great source of information on past performance they don’t immediately give you an insight into the relevant markets or actual product significance. They are not going to shine much light on possible future trends either.  More

TREFIS Nov 18th 2009

Unleash the potential of your facebook fan page

With Facebook now topping the 750 million users mark it's not difficult to appreciate the marketing potential. So how do you make the most of  your Facebook social marketing campaigns using cost-effective measures? WeBuzz is a very affordable Facebook marketing design tool that allows you to create campaigns and customize Fan Pages in just a few clicks.   WeBuzz currently has over a million users and targets that worldwide fan base by offering a series of multi language Facebook applications for the creation of engaging interactive marketing campaigns. Better still, page owners ...  More

WeBuzz Sep 21st 2011

Send Faxes For Less

It's really all about making a sale in the long run, isn't it? So how do you optimize your chances of making that sale for the best possible price? Fax marketing is a very cost effective way of getting your message across to as many potential customers as possible and SimplyCast Fax Marketing makes it easy for anyone to create one message and send it to thousands of fax numbers all at the same time.   SimplyCast is a marketing tool that allows you to do far more than the usual fax marketing survey encouraging a lasting business relationship with your customers. Using SimplyCast ...  More

SimplyCast Fax Marketing Aug 17th 2011

The Internet Marketing Marketplace

There's a bit of the entrepreneurial spirit in many of us. Wouldn't it be great if there was a site for Internet marketers and their related guides and resources where you could go and see what is on offer. Well Blueprint Mint is that place. As the name suggests, it is an online marketing tool that will give you some good guidelines to how to make money online and the products that are available.  More

Blueprint Mint Aug 16th 2011

Custom Analytics On-Demand

Anyone who has ever sat in a sales meeting feigning interest as yet another chart or graph is passed around for discussion will know how liberating it is when it’s all over. It doesn’t get much better out in the field either when the various key statistics aimed at driving your activity have to be accessed separately.  More

youcalc Oct 25th 2008

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