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Tatoeba is a large database of example sentences translated into several languages by the ...  More

social translation


dakwak is an easy and fast way to translate your website to any language your audience and ...  More

social translation

jQuery Globalization Plugin

A prototype of a new jQuery Globalization Plugin that enables you to add globalization ...  More

script translation

Study English with a community and discover tons of learning materials, all totally ...  More

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Free, online service which translates standard and common office documents into multiple ...  More

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Search from more than 300000 English words and phrases:

  • Multiple usages to ...  More

knowledge translation audio


If you have the need to type anything in a foreign language which has accents and other ...  More

translation tools


SpeakLike combine crowdsourcing with proprietary technology to deliver on-demand translation ...  More


Quick Translator

Quick Translation – This quick translation feature is powered by Google Translate More

translation tools


Find a language swap in your local area and put your language skills to the test! At ...  More

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