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A fun method to learn and improve your foreign languages like English through music and ...  More

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Your apps deserve an audience from all over the world. No one does translation better than ...  More

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Sometimes we know what we want to write, the sentence is phrased in our mind, but we ...  More

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Write posts in any language – LangSocial will automagically translate them and publish ...  More

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Free online translator

Translate online for free from English to Spanish, German, Chinese, Russian, Arabic, French, ...  More

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Have you ever tried to read a very foreign phrase from a phrasebook in a language you ...  More

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A Google Translate bookmarklet for quick and easy translation.


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Spell checkers only do 80% of the job.

If you, like me, speak English as a second ...  More

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Free writing tool that corrects spelling mistakes, suggests alternate phrasings and ...  More

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Translation -2

This is based on the “Google Translate” the online translation tools. If you have ...  More