Trump apps

Check That Fact!

11 Year Old Isabella was tired of fake news, but finds checking facts boring - that's why she ...  More

facts politics game


Under the watchful eye of the Russian Bear, Trump and a dog in a bathtub engage in a "friendly" ...  More

constitution pong dog

Dodge Trump's Wall

A fun and simple 2d game in which you have to dodge the walls and climb your way up. Keep in ...  More

2d android wall

MAGA! With President Trump

MAGA! is a one of a kind app featuring our 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump. ...  More

maga president america

Dookie Shoot

Gators, snakes and other cute but mean critters have invaded your porcelain throne! Dump on ’em ...  More

android arcade target

Jetpack Trump

Jetpack Trump is the new Flappy Bird, but more fun and more addictive! Simply tap to use your ...  More

game trump android
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