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An online bank that's perfect for small business, sole traders and freelancers

Do you remember those heady days when the main people that our banks existed for were the people who invested in it - regular folks like you and me? It wasn't so long ago. The thing that kept banks in the business of banking back then were the small and medium sized businesses and mums and dads. It was their regular injections of cash that forged the great banks as we know them today. Unfortunately, the whole emphasis changed when big companies started to throw their weight around and shareholders became the major priorities of the banking world. In fact, the last few years have been a bit ...  More

NorthOne Jul 2nd 2019

Automate and personalize your email campaigns and create new leads while you get on with your work

If you're concerned that your email campaigns aren't having quite as much effect as they could do, you should probably pay some attention to this app review. The fact is, email recipients are pretty blaze these days when it comes to email campaigns. You see, they get so many messages in their inboxes that they can quite easily gloss over a regular email whether it's a message from you advertising your services or one from a Nigerian Prince offering to share his wealth. When they are personalized, however, it's a completely different ballgame. When you see an email with your name on it, the ...  More

QuickMail Jun 26th 2019

You'll find the best restaurant menus from all over North America right here

Have you ever watched one of those cooking shows like Anthony Bourdain on TV and seen him served an amazing delicacy that you've never heard of or seen before? He's probably in some tiny bar high up in the hills of Vietnam or somewhere like that and it's a local chef cooking up something delicious for him. The dish looks absolutely amazing and Tony is going into raptures about it. Boy, you would love to try it. You'd try to create it yourself but you don't think you have the skills and it might be a little difficult to find the ingredients in your local 'hood. The next best thing is to ...  More

Sirved Jun 25th 2019

Keep your personal email clutter free while still getting details of all the great deals out there

The way we react to advertising has changed markedly over the last few years. Most of our person to person advertising used to come through our letterbox not too many years ago. To counter it we put stickers on our letterboxes that say 'no junk mail.' Advertisers got the message and, pretty soon, it was all coming through our email in the form of spam. To counter that, we put filters on our email to send it straight to the rubbish bin before it even hit our eyes. It's not that we don't want to receive that stuff because, in many cases, there's some great deals hidden amongst the ...  More

AdKaddy Jun 20th 2019

Forget paper forms. JotForm lets you gather information on your mobile device - online or offline

The gathering of information has always been a time-consuming affair. Even more so if there isn't a computer close at hand and there are paper forms to fill out. But this is the 21st Century and there's always someone out there spotting problems and working on trying to find an easier way. And so it came to pass that JotForm Mobile Forms was born. This free, form building app for Android and iOS turns your mobile or tablet into a data collection pod that can be used whether you are online or off. It is the perfect conduit for organisations to collect data offline yet stay connected while ...  More

JotForm Mobile Forms Jun 19th 2019

Get great branding for your company without splashing out thousands

It's a sad thing to report but it's probably easier to sell a bad product in great packaging than it is to sell a good product in bad. We, as a race, are immediately drawn to a well-designed package with the right name, color scheme and wording attached to it than we are to a white box with little on no design characteristics to grab our attention as it sits on a supermarket shelf. That's why companies often spend as much time and money on the development of a name and package design as they do on the product itself. And, in some cases, we're talking thousands and thousands of dollars ...  More

Branding Compass Jun 12th 2019

A great CRM to market and manage all your customer interractions

Many companies have gradually built up their array of apps and software over the years to enhance their business. It might have started off with email marketing one year and then a lead nurturing one the next. Each year they’ll do a fine job and you'll add more and, pretty soon, you'll see your desktop filling up with icons. Now the thing is, do they all work in conjunction with each other to form a seamless marketing platform? In a lot of cases, the answer to that question is no or, if you're lucky, they do to a certain extent. The really big companies have the money to be able to ...  More

Shape Software Jun 7th 2019

Turn your movie addiction into a fantasy game

When it comes to films these days, it's not easy to pick which one is going to be the next Black Panther or Avengers mega success and which is going to be the next Cutthroat Island or John Carter. I mean, who could have guessed that the first two would sell over a billion dollars worth of tickets at the box office worldwide while the last two would fail so miserably? It's not easy being a movie boss. it's reckoned that half the films made in Hollywood these days actually make a loss with very few making a decent profit and only the success of the mega films manages to keep Hollywood in the ...  More

The Next Big Film Jun 7th 2019

If you're studying history, here's an essential new app to help you

We get to see a complete range of apps here at FeedMyApp that range from business to games to social. Some are the work of a team of developers whose aim is to make abusiness run smoothly and encourage you to spend and make more money. Some are put together by enthusiastic individuals who just want to create some fun while others turn out to be altruistic labours of love that help one to understand the way the world works. Time Travel - Chronicles probably falls into the latter basket.  More

Time Travel - Chronicles May 14th 2019

A new numbers puzzle game to help clear your mind

It wasn't that long ago that every second person you saw playing games on the bus would be playing Sudoku. You could tell that's what they were playing from miles away because you could see their fingers moving in the way that only Sudoku players' fingers move. I'm sure that you know what I mean. Unfortunately, the game seems to have taken a bit of a back seat of late with other similar games like Kenken and Flow Free coming to the fore. However, none of them have had the same effect on society as the Sudoku phenomenon yet.   More

Number Flow May 8th 2019