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A great CRM to market and manage all your customer interractions

Many companies have gradually built up their array of apps and software over the years to enhance their business. It might have started off with email marketing one year and then a lead nurturing one the next. Each year they’ll do a fine job and you'll add more and, pretty soon, you'll see your desktop filling up with icons. Now the thing is, do they all work in conjunction with each other to form a seamless marketing platform? In a lot of cases, the answer to that question is no or, if you're lucky, they do to a certain extent. The really big companies have the money to be able to ...  More

Shape Software Jun 7th 2019

Turn your movie addiction into a fantasy game

When it comes to films these days, it's not easy to pick which one is going to be the next Black Panther or Avengers mega success and which is going to be the next Cutthroat Island or John Carter. I mean, who could have guessed that the first two would sell over a billion dollars worth of tickets at the box office worldwide while the last two would fail so miserably? It's not easy being a movie boss. it's reckoned that half the films made in Hollywood these days actually make a loss with very few making a decent profit and only the success of the mega films manages to keep Hollywood in the ...  More

The Next Big Film Jun 7th 2019

If you're studying history, here's an essential new app to help you

We get to see a complete range of apps here at FeedMyApp that range from business to games to social. Some are the work of a team of developers whose aim is to make abusiness run smoothly and encourage you to spend and make more money. Some are put together by enthusiastic individuals who just want to create some fun while others turn out to be altruistic labours of love that help one to understand the way the world works. Time Travel - Chronicles probably falls into the latter basket.  More

Time Travel - Chronicles May 14th 2019

A new numbers puzzle game to help clear your mind

It wasn't that long ago that every second person you saw playing games on the bus would be playing Sudoku. You could tell that's what they were playing from miles away because you could see their fingers moving in the way that only Sudoku players' fingers move. I'm sure that you know what I mean. Unfortunately, the game seems to have taken a bit of a back seat of late with other similar games like Kenken and Flow Free coming to the fore. However, none of them have had the same effect on society as the Sudoku phenomenon yet.   More

Number Flow May 8th 2019

No need to hire a team of financial planners when this app will do the same thing

To be successful in business these days requires a good deal of forward planning. The big companies tend to hire experienced teams of financial planners to do much of the work. They do a lot of financial modeling, planning and analysis to determine the direction of a company going into the future. Unfortunately, much of this is out of reach for many smaller and mid-sized businesses who don't have the funds to hire experienced planners or boutique companies to map out their futures. Naturally this creates an uneven playing field and it's the big guys who tend to win out every time.  More

RMI Insights May 7th 2019

QuikLee - Trivia and cognitive tasks to spark your mind into action

If you looked down your high street ten years ago you would see a plethora of retail shops. Clothes shops, greengrocers, video and DVD stores, book shops and newspaper stores would have been the order of the day. If you look down the same street these days you will see that so many of those shops have disappeared. What used to be your local video store is now a fitness club, a Thai massage center, a health food shop, a mixed martial arts club, a nutritionist or a physiotherapy lab. We've never been so aware of our bodies and have never gone to such extreme lengths to look after them.  More

QuikLee May 7th 2019

A new type of dating site where you can make video calls to find love anywhere in the world

Dating sites...there's a million of them. Most of them seem to follow similar lines with the odd variation thrown in for good luck. Unfortunately, it's never easy to review dating sites because you tend to have to live with them for a little while before you really get to know them. However, here's one that does offer something a wee bit different. WatchME! Is a  live entertainment social network for adults over 18 (or 21 in certain territories) and under 35 that offers Android users somewhere to chat, date and even have video conversations to cement their friendship and hopefully ...  More

WatchME! May 2nd 2019

Make your Amazon project shopping a heck of a lot easier

According to a 360pi report from May 2016, Amazon carried 12,231,203 different products and that didn't even include books, media, wine or services. When you add on marketplace sellers that figure increased 30 fold to over 353 million products. Apparently, Amazon accounts for over 30% of all shopping transactions in North America. The bottom line is, if you didn't know it already....they're HUGE! Now, if you're looking for something specific, their website is very user friendly and its generally pretty easy to find what you're after. However, if you have a project in mind that ...  More

Shopping Guru Apr 18th 2019

Find sales leads quicker and more efficiently on Twitter

You know, I really love the way that advertisers and marketers have adapted to various social media platforms over the years. Gone are the days when advertisers blanketed social media with ads and hoped that someone would pick up on them. Viewers have turned away from regular advertising these days and many mentally ignore them. There's a whole generation out there now who mute the sound of tv adverts or, if they're lucky and watch them on delay, they fast forward to the end of the ad break. Consequently, marketers and advertisers have had to be smarter to get their message across.  More

MyTweetAlerts Apr 17th 2019

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies with this fun and risk free Bitcoin simulator game

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or a type of electronic cash that has come to the fore over the last ten years or so. According to University of Cambridge research, in 2017 there were between 2.9 and 5.8 million users with a cryptocurrency 'wallet' with most believed to be trading in Bitcoins. However, few people understand how they work and Bitcoin trading has been much criticized for illegal transactions, it's high electricity consumption, it's price volatility and thefts from exchanges. One thing's for sure, if you are going to trade in cryptocurrencies, you're going to ...  More

Bitcoin Flip - Bitcoin Trading Simulator Apr 16th 2019