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Find sales leads quicker and more efficiently on Twitter

You know, I really love the way that advertisers and marketers have adapted to various social media platforms over the years. Gone are the days when advertisers blanketed social media with ads and hoped that someone would pick up on them. Viewers have turned away from regular advertising these days and many mentally ignore them. There's a whole generation out there now who mute the sound of tv adverts or, if they're lucky and watch them on delay, they fast forward to the end of the ad break. Consequently, marketers and advertisers have had to be smarter to get their message across.  More

MyTweetAlerts Apr 17th 2019

Learn how to trade cryptocurrencies with this fun and risk free Bitcoin simulator game

For the uninitiated, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency or a type of electronic cash that has come to the fore over the last ten years or so. According to University of Cambridge research, in 2017 there were between 2.9 and 5.8 million users with a cryptocurrency 'wallet' with most believed to be trading in Bitcoins. However, few people understand how they work and Bitcoin trading has been much criticized for illegal transactions, it's high electricity consumption, it's price volatility and thefts from exchanges. One thing's for sure, if you are going to trade in cryptocurrencies, you're going to ...  More

Bitcoin Flip - Bitcoin Trading Simulator Apr 16th 2019

Compete on a level playing field with big business using this AI predictive data app

It's always been an uphill struggle for smaller businesses to compete on a level playground with the big guys - especially when it comes to technology. Big business has the money to hire a team of highly credentialed experts whereas the small guys struggle to find and pay one person with the knowledge, experience and the expertise that's needed to bridge the gap. So, it's refreshing when an app comes along that gives smaller sized businesses the opportunity to garner the same technology as their 'big brothers.'  More

PredictiveData Apr 4th 2019

Make your friends laugh or cry with this free voice changing app

For years, people have been using helium gas to change the way their voice sounds to amuse friends, family and even audiences. It's hard not to laugh when you hear that squeaky voice coming out of someone whose voice you know pretty well. As amusing as it is, however, inhaling helium isn't particularly good for you. When you inhale helium you're not getting the oxygen you need for normal respiration and breathing it continuously can cause asphyxiation within a few minutes. These days there are much safer ways of achieving similar results.  More

Squeak Voice Changer Apr 3rd 2019

Shoot down those bad grannies before they fireball all of us

Well, here's a new one. As far as I can remember, we haven't had a game with marauding grannies shooting fireballs at us before! Grannies are meant to be kind and gentle creatures who make cakes and look after us when our parents aren't around, aren't they? Mind you, one of mine did used to kick me under the table when I was a kid so I guess there is a bit of a precedence there. So...back to the game...  More

Granny Invader AR! Mar 27th 2019

The ultimate digital vehicle inspection app for motor vehicles and fleets

For many years, motor mechanics have tended to be one of the last bastions of old school technology. The image of the overall clad worker covered in grease and oil is one that most of us are very familiar with. At the end of a car inspection we are handed a sheet of paper (often also covered in oil and grease) with hand written notes on it that are often hard to decipher. That's if they can find them, of course. Mechanics file keeping has never been particularly brilliant at the best of times. From my experience, most of their extensive knowledge is in their head rather than in a filing ...  More

Driveroo Inspector Mar 21st 2019

Help find stolen vehicles and make money at the same time

Amazingly enough, it's reckoned that between 700,000 and 1 million vehicles are stolen every year in the US, depending on which figures you believe. Just think about that figure. To make it easier, we'll do the stats on the lower figure. At 700,000 that's nearly 60,000 per month, close to 14,000 per week or damn near 2,000 vehicles per day. You've got to think that law enforcement is fighting a losing battle with those kinds of figures. Clearly, there just aren't enough police on the streets of America and they need a hand. So, both this reviewer and an enterprising and innovative app ...  More App Mar 20th 2019

Why buy audiobooks when you can rent them?

I guess it was really only a matter of time before renting audiobooks was an option. It happened many years ago to the music industry before the digital revolution kicked in. Back when that happened though, you had to physically take yourself to a music rental store and hand over your personal details and a small fee to take home your vinyl, cd or cassette tape. At the time, record companies were incensed because renters would generally take their goodies home and copy them so they could 'own' them forever.  More

AudiobookLender Audio Book Rentals Mar 16th 2019

If you're looking for the cheapest and most reliable international phone calls, look no further

When you create a communication app with an aim to save customers money on overseas phone calls and you stick on a tagline that says that you 'want to be the cheapest calling app' you know that you've got a lot to live up to. The truth is, there are a squillion apps out there that all claim to be the cheapest on the market. However, when one does come along with that tagline and you find out that the developer has been working at Telecom for over fifteen years and has contacts galore all around the globe, it might be time to sit up and take a little more notice.  More

Phoober Mar 5th 2019

The everyday trivia quiz show app where you can win cash prizes

There's something about a trivia quiz that people just love. It doesn't matter whether it's Who Wants To Be A Millionaire on TV , Trivial Pursuit as a board game or simply your local pub trivia night - people love to watch them and take part.  However, while there are quite a few trivia games available in the various app stores you won't find too many with the earning power that this one has. The catchily named That's Right is a free live game show app for both Android and iOS that gives you two chances to win a cash prize every night.  More

That's Right Mar 4th 2019