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Save time when problem solving accounts and financing

No, no, no, it's not the website of the infamous American tv secret agent whom Marge Simpson tends to drool over...that's MacGyver. This Mciver is TheMcIver, an accounting and finance application that is aimed squarely at saving the user time and money by simplifying problems. It does this to solve some of your most time consuming business problems simply yet effectively by sifting through available data to find the answers.   With over 25 years of experience in the business world, the developers of TheMcIver understand the need for companies to create efficiency and reliable and ...  More

themciver Apr 23rd 2012

Time tracking with a 98% customer satisfaction rating

Boy, have we reviewed a lot of time tracking applications of late. DeskTime, CaseFox and Smart Employee Scheduling come to mind as some of the best of recent times. So what does TSheets have to offer? Well, whatever it is, it boasts a 98% customer approval rating and has been rated as the number one user friendly time tracking app by it's customers. It's main claim to fame is a clean and simple-to-use, very accurate, mobile friendly as well as flexible suite of tools that takes care of all aspects of the time sheeting and billing process. It's built with technology designed to work ...  More

TSheets Mar 8th 2012

Simple cost-effective time tracking

Time tracking! It's one of the most contentious elements of the whole billing process and the thing that causes moat headaches for attorneys, accountants and virtual businesses. CaseFox goes some way to solving the problem of time-based invoicing, case-tracking and the client's billing needs with this multi-user accounting, invoicing and legal app that manages to simplify the process to make for more honest and reliable accounting. It's sheer transparency smoothes the pathways between you and your clients.   CaseFox is is a cloud based application designed to help attorneys, virtual ...  More

CaseFox Mar 3rd 2012

Better management of your invoicing & accounts

Invoicebus is one of those potentially free business and accounting applications where you think to yourself - what's the catch? It is so chock full of tools to take care of your complete financial needs you probably won't have to look elsewhere. Invoicebus manages your online finance simply and professionally and features everything from creating invoices and quotations, taxation, all your accounts in all foreign currencies and pretty well everything in between. What's more, if you are a small business, you may well not have to pay anything at all.   There is little worse in business ...  More

Invoicebus Feb 17th 2012

Complete business tools to handle direct sales

If you are a business that deals in direct-sales then you are going to need a full set of business tools to ensure your enterprise has the best chance of success. You could write everything up in a ledger like in days of old or use a combination of accounting and business tools to keep you on top of everything. Flourish is a very clean and professional set of business tools that provides you with all the ammunition to deal with everything from inventory, invoice creation, customer relations and reporting. It's a very user friendly way of managing your direct sales enterprise.   If you ...  More

Flourish Feb 1st 2012

Automated accounting made easy

What's the job in the office that you hate most? Accounts, right?  It's also the job that's the hardest to fill when you advertise. You tend to end up with some grumpy retired guy who doesn't really fit in with the rest of the team. And what happens if he's sick for the week or goes on holiday? You are stumped, aren't you? If you are a small business it might not be a full-time position anyway. If only there was an automated system that would take care of everything. Well AnyAP fills that position. This accounting application automates the invoice management and accounts payable ...  More

AnyAP Jan 25th 2012

Easy to use business expense tracker

There are a few business expense trackers out there and this one sits comfortably as one of the easiest to use. Staff can claim out of pocket expenses and mileage expenditure very simply under categories you set up. What’s more you can export the data in a QuickBooks readable format or to Excel. Small businesses can overcome the nightmare of spreadsheets by signing up for as little as $5.95 a month. Individual users can enjoy the app and its helpful features for free. To set up an account you can use the default categories, create your own or import a QuickBooks chart of ...  More

Paybackable Jan 15th 2012

If your books are in ruins we can now re-build them!

If you run a small business or indeed work for yourself and struggle with your accounts then this bookkeeping app might well be for you. It’s ok keeping your invoices in a ring binder and marking them as paid with a marker pen but sooner or later the taxman is likely to want a look at some back-up information for the numbers you enter on your tax return. How nice it would feel if you could present a profit & loss account and a balance sheet without ever having had any accountancy training.  More

Bionic Books Jan 15th 2012

Running a sports club just got a whole lot easier

As a sports club treasurer myself I know exactly how much unpaid time and effort goes into getting the books straight and making sure there is enough money in the bank to pay for kit, buses, food and that nasty smelling spray that seems to cure all aches and pains. How nice it is then to see an app especially built for us unsung heroes of the sports field. As the guys behind TreasureEase point out, most people who blindly volunteer for the role are not accountants and therefore the pleasure of navigating Excel spreadsheets will come as a bit of a shock. Well that was certainly the ...  More

TreasureEase Dec 10th 2011

Online appointment bookings to cut workload and improve conversion

I’ve seen a few good booking apps around and this one is certainly up there in terms of look and ease of use. If you run a service business such as a hair salon, photographic studio or equipment rental shop then Book’d will enable you to create a website styled to your choice and start taking online bookings, and better still online payments, in minutes. As you would expect with a system like this it not only makes it easy for your customers to book, and with that a reduction in the time you spend on the telephone, it also brings a high level of organization to the party.  More

Book'd Dec 10th 2011

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