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More room for cash in your wallet with this online receipt storage

Well here is a familiar problem that we all have to face it one time or another. For many different reasons we are required to keep recepts for our purchases. It might be for taxation reasons, for claiming back work expenses or a shared expense with a housemate. Now if you are anything like me I've got some in a drawer under the computer, some on the kitchen noticeboard and some in my wallet. Oh, and then there's a couple in my pocket. OneReceipt is a free personal finance organize tool where you can keep all your receipts - whether online or paper - in one convenient place.  More

OneReceipt Dec 6th 2011

Just Right - Invoicing and Time Tracking

As time trackers and invoice generators go this one looks like it has all the basics covered with an uncluttered appearance which is always a bonus. Another bonus is it’s still free so you can test it out without losing anything.  More

The system allows for an unlimited number of clients, projects, invoices and team members so the size of your business is not an issue. You can also manage access rights and get everyone working on the project that you want them to.  More

cronsync Feb 9th 2011

Clear and Simple Online Accounting Software

If you’re running a small or medium sized business then I think less than $10 a month for a fully supported and grown up accountancy package would be money well spent.  More

Kashoo really does give you a lot for your money and we’re not just talking billing and expenses management here. A quick look at the very clear and user friendly dashboard will immediately show you that along with aged receivables and payables functions you can get a trial balance, profit and loss and a balance sheet too. You’re accountant’s going to love it.  More

Kashoo Jun 3rd 2008

Keep track of your time, money, and business miles

For freelancers working alone there probably isn’t a simpler and easier way to keep track of time, expenses and mileage than 1DayLater. Whilst there are quite a few time and expense trackers out there you often get a lot of stuff you don’t need but this one does exactly what it says on the tin.   More

1DayLater Jan 14th 2010

Time And Billing Software

I think we’d all agree anything that helps lawyers to keep an accurate record of their time is a welcome addition to the app world? When their meters are running they don’t tend to tick over in loose change!  More

Time59 is an online time tracking and billing system for solo professionals and aimed fairly clearly at the legal profession although any consultant type business billing by the hour would be equally catered for.   More

Time59 Jan 29th 2010

Time and Expense Tracking Done Right

If you think your business is missing out on much needed revenue because of poor project time tracking you could issue your team with a stopwatch and a clipboard. Either that or have a look at what Syncd could do to improve things.  More

At a cost of $5 per user per month you could have the stopwatch running online for each project recording exactly who’s doing what and how many hours they’re spending on it. What’s more you can also record any other associated expenses and present a truly accurate bill to your client.  More

Syncd Feb 7th 2011

no bull* invoicing

If you’re just stepping out into the business world alone for the first time then the most important thing you’ll need to be on top of is invoicing. Just as important is recording who’s paid you and although it’s quite possible to muddle along using Excel these things usually get left until "later".   More

InvoiceFox Nov 5th 2010

Project Management Made Simple

A good team is a team that works together and the ability to collaborate seamlessly on a client project will ensure a team hits targets and reaches goals.  More

Projectbubble offers an app that brings this capability plus more in a simple to use solution that allows team members to pool resources and knowledge, manage clients and track time accurately. Collaboration doesn’t stop with the team ether and clients can also be brought into the loop to discuss on-going issues and updates.   More

Project Bubble Nov 6th 2009

Free online bookkeeping

If you could pick two words to send shivers down the spine of any freelancer or small business owner then they are surely ˈaccountsˈ and ˈtaxˈ.  More

With, whether you’re self-employed or the owner of a small business you can let out a sigh of relief and put an end to the paper rustling panic that usually comes as the end of a quarter approaches. This web based accounting app will sort all of your transactions into relevant categories, distinguish them between income and expenditure and by doing so keep you up to date with any tax obligations.   More

Outright Sep 29th 2009

Accounting for the rest of us

I like the look of this accounting app for a number of reasons. Firstly it seems to take the middle ground between a simple invoicing and payment system and a more enterprise like package and gives a rounded but uncomplicated view of all the important information. Secondly it recognizes that most freelancers and startup businesses are rubbish at bookkeeping.   More

Ledgerble Jul 28th 2009

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