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Manage your Time

Time waits for no man as they say so if you’re business relies on charging for it you’d better make sure you track it accurately.   More

What a tedious job it is though and that very tedium is usually the cause of lost minutes. Those lost minutes turn into hours and before you know it you’re waving goodbye to serious cash.   More

Freckle Oct 1st 2008

Invoice your customers the easy way

This is a good looking and easy to use accounting app that will let you raise professional looking invoices and stay on top of customer’s accounts.   More

When the vast majority of your accounting requirements center on invoicing customers and getting paid, you don’t need to pay for a system that includes inventory functions and an asset register. Bill, monitor, get paid and move on to the next one is the name of the game.  More

LiteAccounting Dec 12th 2007

Time is money, track it wisely.

Don’t lose out on a minutes worth of billable time and get your invoices truly reflecting the time and effort spent on client projects.  More

With Harvest you not only get a great time-tracking app but a system that syncs seamlessly with timesheet and invoice processes too.   More

Harvest Jul 9th 2007

The accounting system you've always wanted

There are some good vibes going around about Xero and it’s easy to see why. As an accounting package it’s very comprehensive but simple to use with a lot of the hard work usually associated with bookkeeping done automatically.  More

The invoicing function lets you create your own templates or use one of the many pre-loaded ones. These can be emailed or printed as a PDF. Multi-language and multi-currency can be handled with ease with the world’s exchange rates updated on the hour.   More

Xero Jul 8th 2007

The easiest way to send invoices online

For $15 month you can get your invoicing and payment procedures thoroughly organized with the Blinksale app. What’s more you can offer your customers even more payment options by adding on the Blinkpay option but more of that later.  More

If your sales cycle starts off with an estimate then it’s all covered here. You can raise these via the system, forward them electronically to clients and then collaborate on any issues, amendments or adjustments required. Once a client approves an estimate the system will alert you and the click of a button will turn it into an invoice.   More

Blinksale Jun 13th 2007

Simple, Efficient Bill Management and Payment for Businesses

Have you ever stopped and thought how much better an old classic Wurlitzer Jukebox would look in your office than that grey bank of filing cabinets? They may be a source of entertainment for bean counters but let’s face it they’re uninteresting and they usually contain uninteresting stuff.   More’s approach recognizes that although this stuff may be uninteresting it is vital to your business. Being vital however doesn’t mean it has to take up half the floor space.  More Jun 17th 2010

Online Invoicing and Timesheet Tracking

If you’re looking for a simple app to streamline the billing function of your freelance or small business then Invotrak will give you that plus a bit more.   More

The invoice function doubles up with a time tracking feature letting you or any other members of the team to log the hours spent on a project accurately ensuring you’ll never undercharge. Short notes can also be added and the hours can be pulled up to form line items on an invoice. The system also has a useful feature that tracks actual time against budgeted time so you can see how you’re doing on any particular project.  More

invotrak Mar 3rd 2009

Invoicing, billing & web hosting automation.

For the fluent Geordie speakers out there (north east England) you’ll know what I mean when I say the name of this app is about right, it certainly looks ˈcannyˈ enough. For those living south of Hadrians Wall a rough translation of the word would be ˈgoodˈ and defined as ˈhaving pleasant attributesˈ.   More

CannyBill Feb 9th 2009

Online Invoicing from Sage is a free quote, invoice and payment application for freelancers and small businesses that has all the functions you’d expect to see in a very smart and user friendly layout.  More

Account setup is simple and quick and once all of your customer details are entered you’re ready to raise your first invoice.   More

Billing Boss Dec 5th 2009

File a tax extension in minutes

This is a website that anyone who faces the annual nightmare of a tax return should have locked firmly in their favorites. They should also set an alert reminding them to log in before April 18th and save themselves some money.  More

As an IRS authorized e-file provider, FileLater can take you through the steps required to file an extension request if you’re about to miss the deadline. By electronically filing form 4868 you can get a 6 month extension to 15th October for forms 1040, 1040A or 1040EZ without the IRS even asking for an explanation.   More

FileLater Mar 14th 2009

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