Accounting apps

Electronic Invoice & Purchase Order Matching

Anyone who’s worked in accounts payable will know the fun and games to be had when trying to match supplier invoices to the original purchase order and then checking if what is on it was actually delivered.   More

Well, for those of you where this is a way of life, SutiAIM might help you get your life back, or at least some of it.   More

SutiAIM Sep 26th 2011

Online Invoice Template Billing Software

This is just one of the applications developed by Sutisoft and included in a suite of business solution apps, all of which will be reviewed separately. Put them all together and they cover just about every aspect of business management. This one handles the raising of invoices and other issues surrounding that particular activity.  More

SutiInvoice Sep 26th 2011

Expense Management Report Software

This is another business application from Sutisoft Inc that compliments the others and shouts the same message; why struggle with paper and spreadsheets when you can save time and money doing it all electronically?  More

The expenses app does all that you’d expect and has benefits for both employer and employee. General expense policy can be set as well as individual trip limits giving clear guidelines for staff.   More

Sutiexpense Sep 26th 2011

Take the time out of timesheets

If there was ever an industry crying out for a system capable of reducing paper it surely has to be temporary recruitment? Endless timesheets getting lost or received late followed by the tedious task of matching worked hours with candidate’s rates and the inevitable errors that such a manual process can generate.   More

Etz Timesheet Solutions Aug 10th 2011

Accounting Software for small businesses

One hundred and twenty pounds a year plus VAT sounds a bargain for a pretty comprehensive accounting system with unlimited user access.   More

Aimed at the small business and sole trader arena Clear Books is an online accountancy package that gives you the tools to look professional and produce meaningful numbers ensuring you’re on top of the detail in less time than you’d be with a pile of spreadsheets.  More

Clear Books Mar 27th 2009

Expense reports that don't suck

The site itself is a bit rambling for my liking but if you can get over the endless links leading to even more rambling pages you get the basic concept of this app designed to make the nightmare of expenses tracking and approval easier.  More

An individual can sign up for free however it is clearly targeted at business use where the functions can be adopted and run alongside a company’s expenses policy. This will cost $5 per user per month.  More

Expensify Mar 16th 2009

The budget you need without the consulting you don't

If you’ve ever looked up from your desk and thought that the office seemed to have more consultants in it than staff on the payroll then there’s probably a logical answer. The answer usually comes in two parts, firstly you’re not dreaming and secondly there’s obviously a major IT project going on.  More

CloudBudget Aug 9th 2011

We Make Bookkeeping & Accounting Dead Simple!

This is a great app for small businesses that don’t need all of the fancy stuff accountants love but is meaningless to the guys on the coalface. If you do 20 transactions or less a month then you can get your books organized for free, allow 3 users access and get 50MB of storage space. Pay just $9 a month and get 10GB of space with unlimited transaction, user and contact numbers.  More

SkyClerk Nov 14th 2010

Ridiculously easy and free online accounting for small businesses

If your small business is no longer small enough to cope with the scraps of paper you just chuck in the in-tray and forget about then could be just the place for you. Your accountant will smile again too and not dive for cover as you present him with a sack full of receipts, invoices and bank statements.   More

Wave Accounting Apr 8th 2011

Collaborate with Clients, Leads, and Employees. Track Expenses, Projects, and Time.

Perhaps the name of this app should have the prefix “huge” attached to it as that’s what immediately springs to mind at first glance. A vast number of functions covering almost everything you’ll ever need to run your business from anywhere in the world although I couldn’t find anywhere where it said it makes the coffee.   More

Web Suite Pro Jun 22nd 2010