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Any business using Salesforce CRM will have plenty to be thankful for to the guys who built FinancialForce in the same cloud. By linking the processes of the sales, service and accounting departments in 100% real time a whole organization can benefit from a reduction in time spent floundering in the inter-departmental fog.   More Jul 13th 2011

Online case management and legal billing for lawyers

All businesses need an efficient system to record and maintain on-going transactions and events and none more so than a law practice. With time sensitive issues, not to mention emotional issues at stake, a robust and secure matter management system is a key requirement for a slick operation.  More is a web based legal matter management system with packages available from $50 a month for a 3 user practice right up to $800 a month for 99 users. And whilst it’s hard to imagine multi-national firms with top-end corporate clients signing up it looks like a great option for the new and medium sized operation.   More

GoMatters Jan 27th 2010

Money Management for UK Freelancers can help you de-mystify the pain of accounting and give you all the tools you need to cover all aspects of it in one place. Say goodbye to spread-sheets dotted around all parts of your system and pull all the relevant data together in a one–stop application that covers the whole finance cycle.   More

FreeAgent Central Jul 2nd 2007

Simple invoicing for creative & freelance professionals

Anyone running their on-line business on a freelance basis will probably have checked out the many web apps available to help boost efficiency in all aspects of their operation. Presenting professional looking invoices to clients is just one important feature that’s usually high on the list of priorities. Ronin covers this, along with offering some other great complimentary management tools.   More

Ronin Sep 12th 2008

The easiest way to take care of IOUs and shared bills with friends

There's always one flatmate that doesn't pay his share of the bills isn't there? Meanwhile you sit there trying to work out who paid this and who owes that. WhoseBill is a brilliant way of solving and simplifying money management problems as it tracks all your payouts to one place, offsets debts and payments against each other...and then gives you a settle-up figure for everyone. Simple, brilliant and unique.WhoseBill is perfect for sorting out bills in shared houses, group holidays, clubs and teams as well as friend and family expenses. There's no spreadsheets or complicated calculations ...  More

WhoseBill Aug 30th 2011

Helping you to stop worrying about debt

With the current global financial situation seeing many people slipping into unavoidable debt, the launch of the world’s first automated payment negotiation tool is both topical and welcome.  More

Unfortunately, the typical response of a lot of people who suddenly find their financial situation rapidly deteriorating is to bury their head in the sand. The thought of a face to face discussion with debt experts, not to mention the actual creditors, is not something most ordinary guys in the street are comfortable doing.   More Aug 27th 2011

Expert Online Accountants

Ever wanted the best of both worlds or to have your cake and eat it? Well Crunch appears to provide  More

just that if you’re a freelancer, contractor, sole trader or small limited company facing the nightmare  More

Crunch Aug 24th 2011

CRM + Projects + Billing

WORKetc does it all… online project management, CRM, billing and more.  More

WORKetc is a business management software that is affordable, simple to use - and it's easy to sign up too!  When you go to the signup page you sign up for a 14 day trial by entering just a few details.  One note about the signup process... If you sign up from the main page, it will ask for a 'Partner Code' and the box has a required symbol next to it.  If no one referred you, you can leave it blank and still sign up – so it’s not actually required.  Small annoyance, and actually the only problem I've seen with the site.  More

WORKetc Apr 22nd 2008


Fyle is an AI-powered expense management software built for the modern finance team. Born from a ...  More

android fintech ios


Free and simple accounting and invoicing software. Many different features, payment ...  More

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