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Get the kids reading and writing with comic book fun

Well there are certainly some fun ways to get youngsters reading and writing these days and if this one doesn’t get them hooked then I don’t know what will. It could be quite a laugh to use as an adult too if you want to get a point across in a comic style. The mechanics are simple and once you log in you are taken on a step-by step guide to creating a comic strip page complete with characters and text. The first thing you have to do is choose the layout of your page from a selection of boxes and once you have that in place you can populate it with a simple drag and ...  More

Comic Master Dec 10th 2011

The easy way for budding authors to publish their work online

It used to be the case that the poor beleaguered novelist out there had to jump through the odd hoop and find a publisher in order to release their masterwork. Not only would it mean another roadblock on the path to glory but it would also mean a percentage of the takings being sliced off. However, the plethora of 'publish your own book' sites that have cropped up over the last few years has begun to change the way it works. Pandamian is a writing and book tool that acts as your publisher by covering all the techical and background stuff leaving the author free to concentrate on the ...  More

Pandamian Nov 28th 2011

Buy and sell text books

Textbooks are expensive, thats for sure. If you are a student then chances are you probably don't have wads of cash available to splash out on expensive textbooks that you may not use very often. so you are going to need to find another more cost-effective way of getting the books you need. TextBookTime is a textbook shopping tool that makes it easy to buy discounted textbooks and then sell them back when you are finished with them.  More

Textbooktime Nov 21st 2011

Read Textbooks Online

Most students seem to meet have a money problem. There's never enough of it. Then there's the money that has to be paid back later. It all adds up. So when it comes to the text books you need to buy for your course it can easily turn into a big problem. You pay a lot of money for them, use them a little bit and then try to sell them back. It would be so much better if you could rent the chapters you want. BookStep is a textbook tool based in the cloud that let's you access the material you need for little or no money.     In this age of increasing school fees students ...  More

BookStep Nov 11th 2011

Never miss a great book again!

I love a really useful app that doesn’t need too much driving and so I’m certainly going to be signing up for this free one. If you’re an avid reader of books I strongly suggest you consider doing the same.   More

If like me you spend a lot of time in book stores looking at the latest release lists or scouring the book reviews in the Sunday supplements then could get you some of your time back. Where has it been all my life you might ask, or at least where has it been since the dawn of the internet. Well it’s here now so let’s make use of it.     More

Any New Books? Oct 12th 2010

Share E-books On Twitter

There have been plenty of times when I've said to a Twittere friend "Have you read any Jonathan Carroll books?" Of course, they've generally never heard of him so I offer to send them something so they can see if they like his writing. That's where it gets a little tricky. I could just go out and buy a copy of "Sleeping In Flames" and post it off but that takes time. I could use a file sharing site but, let's face it, that's a bit of a hassle. Twtebook is a PDF book share tool for Twitter that let's you share your file without even having to download it.     Sometimes you ...  More

Twtebook Oct 24th 2011

Fairbooks makes textbook buyback suck less

As if students don't have a hard enough life anyway there is always the added cost of textbooks and what to do with them when you don't need them anymore. Usually, it's just advertising at your college or university, but you won't get much for them as there are plenty of others selling theirs too. Or you buy and sell them through booksellers leaving you open to bad customer service and hard to read websites. Fairbooks is an education selling tool that buys and sells textbooks at a much better rate than it's competitors.     Fairbooks makes textbook buyback work better for ...  More

Fairbooks Oct 12th 2011

Discover new interesting books

Do you find it hard to keep up with all the books that are released these days? You used to be able to walk into your local bookstore and pick up a 'what's new' pamphlet but the humble and much-loved bookshop is beginning to become a thing of the past. Then there's the online releases too, of course. So where do you find out about all the latest book releases?  BookPeeper is a simple book shopping tool that details all the books, whether online or on paper, that are released today.   BookPeeper is a simple shopping tool that gives you a unique view of books released today. ...  More

BookPeeker Jul 18th 2011

Books are now in your hands

Launched with the support of a number of celebrity endorsements, including one from Monty Python’s Terry Jones, Unbound is a publishing house that uses crowdfunding to get the books on the shelves that people want to read.   More

Due to the large amount of celebrity biographies and TV show follow-ons currently getting prime position in the bookshops there is an obvious niche for someone to come to the rescue of original writers struggling to get their ideas accepted.  More

Unbound Jun 25th 2011

Create an online book club in seconds - easy and free.

Ever wanted to open your own bookshop? Well those days are well and truly over it seems. Everything's online these days. You can, however, open your own online book club with Bookclubit and connect with online friends with similar literary interests. You can even invite your own friends to join you. It's simple to navigate and heaps of fun.The fun part is inviting friends to join and creating meetings and polls on favorite (and least liked books.) Being the potential literary megalomaniac, the user can create their own profile and avatar and get down to the serious business of connecting ...  More

Bookclubit Aug 28th 2011

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