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The Pacifier Fairy

This app is ideal for moms and dads who are desperate to help their children when it's time ...  More

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Mar 3rd 2015

EBook Maker - EPUB, PDF Creator

EBook Maker is easy and comfortable to use on the iPhone and iPad, you can create e-books in ...  More

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Mar 2nd 2015

Journey of a Notebook

This digital storybook tells the story of a young boy and his notebook and has a number of ...  More

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Feb 23rd 2015

Sirina Tales - Life Skills

Parents play an all important role in developing a child’s belief in themselves and ...  More

book ios ipad

Feb 17th 2015


Rescover lets you discover things you love, and reminds you when and where they come out. It ...  More

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Feb 6th 2015


With Basileo, kids can explore the world of Greeks Myths alongside the Centaur Basileo, who ...  More

book child education

Jan 27th 2015

The Last Hedge

A fun financial and stock trading game based on the novel, "The Last Hedge", by Carey Keith ...  More

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Jan 24th 2015

Drews Dancing Drum

An incredible Children's Book App where everything you touch comes to life! Kids will learn ...  More

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Jan 23rd 2015


Audiobooks Now is a free Android app for downloading digital audiobooks. They offer an ...  More

android audiobook book

Jan 12th 2015


My Leisure App is the Tinder for your leisure time needs. Our app maximizes your free time, ...  More

book entertainment game

Dec 26th 2014

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