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Crowdsourcing...but where's the crowd?

I had a great idea to make use of this site but then I thought it might be a bit cruel. Having had a look through it, not that there’s much to look at, I thought I might create a post and challenge the developers to tell me what the point of it is! They describe the app as a platform where organizations and businesses can create online challenges around their brands and increase visibility and customer loyalty. I know good PR and advertising campaigns don’t come cheap but looking at the low level impact this one generates on your senses when you hit the home page I think ...  More

Challenge Vault Dec 7th 2011

Facebook fan page design app that covers all the bases

I don't think i've ever seen a Facebook Fan Page design app quite as comprehensive as this one. It almost astonishes me with the amount of content it contains. iFrameTab is, quite simply, a cut above many and a seriously cost effective way of designing your pages and making them look like a million dollars. And what's more, you don't have to have a degree in web design to do it. In fact, you could give the job to the cleaning lady and she'd have a hard job messing it up.  More

IframeTab Dec 4th 2011

Get paid to view ads on IPhone and Android phones

Do you want to be paid for viewing advertising material? Mobibo.Gravy is a free advertising business tool for your mobile that connects you with the businesses that are most important to them. It pays cash in real time for viewing promotions, discounts and incentives all based on your location.  More

The idea behind Mobibo.Gravy is simple. To dmpower consumers to connect with the businesses that matter most to them. Using intelligent location-based technology, this free app checks your location against it's database of promotional offers. When you approach a business, Mobibo.Gravy notifies you via push notifications and delivers you a special offer through the application. And the best part is you get paid just to view the promotional offers! Each unique view will credit your account 25 cents. You can use your verified PayPal account as your log-in and Mobibo.Gravy will send cash ...  More

Mobibo Nov 23rd 2011

Create Amazing Facebook Pages

We've all seen plenty of great looking Facebook pages for businesses or organizations. They all look pretty good but they do tend to look a fair bit like a regular Facebook page with a few additions. Now, if you want a Facebook page that looks amazing and ultra professional and you want it fast and you want it to cost as little as possible you are going to be pushing your luck, right? Wrong! Cool Mojito is a brilliant business and advertising tool that creates beautiful Facebook pages in less time than it takes to boil an egg. Oh and did I mention that it is free?     Cool ...  More

Cool Mojito Nov 8th 2011

Social Connect by City

Don't you love those westerns where the guy walks into town and announces that there's a new sheriff in town? It brings out the Machiavellian spirit in the best of us. MayorVille is a revolutionary free social networking game site with a difference. It allows users in particular cities to connect and share in a Facebook kinda way while, all the time, building their community.   MayorVille is a new revolution in social networking  based on cities instead of the individual, it allows users to connect and share while building and offering low cost advertising to their ...  More

MayorVille Oct 2nd 2011


New node-based video and banner ads editor MixaPixa is the new professional tool of the ...  More

saas video edit design

Jan 19th 2022


VouchIt is the ideal way to enhance digital campaigns with effortless behavioral targeting. ...  More

machine learning marketing

Dec 12th 2021


AdOptics provides a conversion improvement service that operates at the ad level. The main ...  More

google advertising ppc

Oct 29th 2020


Most marketers struggle to access premium programmatic advertising platforms because of high ...  More

digital marketing marketing banners

Aug 6th 2020

Video Jaguar

Video Jaguar is the world's easiest video ad maker for businesses and agencies. Users can create ...  More

saas software digital marketing

Dec 9th 2019

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