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Find out what a company is really like before you join them

Are you hankering for a change of employment? Do you have an idea of the business you want to work for? Maybe you've got this idea in your head of working for a specific company but dont really know much about them. Well CareerBliss is an employment app that can help you out there by providing company reviews by real employees, detailed salary information, local job opportunities and goes out of its way to help you find a job that makes you happy!  More

CareerBliss Dec 9th 2011

Explore our world and share yours

There are lots of travel guides and tourist books around but they’re generally written by expert writers or a country’s own tourist board so to get the views of ordinary people who have been there as well as people who live there gives a great personal insight.   More

With anyone can become a guide and by registering you can share your knowledge of not just your local area but of any of the places you’ve been in the world. The site is easy to navigate and all the countries of the world are listed regardless of whether there is an entry for them.   More

Thegoodguide Jul 10th 2011

Does that place have bedbugs? Check or report here!

I must be one of the luckiest people around. I’ve travelled a bit both for business and pleasure purposes but I’ve never had the misfortune to be eaten alive by bedbugs! I’m not quite sure what the people behind this site hope to achieve but I suppose they are providing a public service of some kind. Having said that I do think their mission to "report and follow bedbug information around the world" could be just slightly bordering on the over ambitious. There are a number of ways of interpreting the activity (or lack of it) on the site and some are good and ...  More

Has Bed Bugs Jan 4th 2011

The Premier Consumer Electronics Gift Buying Service

Here’s a great way of getting some ideas for those techno friends and loved one’s that cause a perennial problem when it comes to the choice of a suitable gift.  More

With the technology world changing at an electric pace unless you are as keen and interested as they are about the new gadgets on the block you could end up buying them the equivalent of a Betamax! Now that really would go down well.  More

Giftmeister® Nov 5th 2010

Your Expert Advisor

If you’re anything like me then alarm bells start ringing the minute you clap your eyes on a set of terms & conditions that would put even the most boring lawyer to sleep. I read them because I’m a reviewer and to be honest it was the only way to get a handle on how this site works as the home page is lacking any explanation of the basic mechanics.   More

AdvisU May 24th 2011

Can't decide? AskMyMob!

Honestly, how on earth did we ever manage to get through the day before the internet came along? My memory is fading but I assume we spent the day worrying about everything and bemoaning the fact that we couldn’t ask a whole bunch of strangers for advice.  More

Perhaps I’m being a bit cynical here but I do wonder how many incarnations of the social network site we’ll eventually end up with. This one’s harmless enough, as long as you follow the rules, but I have one question, why?  More

AskMyMob May 23rd 2011

Improvement and innovation ideas from the people

It’s interesting to ponder on what the motivation was behind building this site. I’m quite cynical so have my opinion but I’ll leave it to readers to form their own.   More

What’s it all about you may ask, and so did I so let’s consider the functions. First of all it’s free so users aren’t funding it. Secondly it’s very easy to navigate. Good so far eh?  More

IdeasWalk Dec 6th 2010

Own and master a collaboratively edited Questions and Answers website

I’m sorry but I really don’t get this one at all. When I first saw the title I assumed it would be a useful educational source of famous questions throughout history such as "how do you like your omelette cooked Mr Bennett?"   More

Unfortunately it isn’t and that’s about where my interest stopped. It looks like it’s not only me that’s lost interest either because it’s only attracted 173 questions across all of its categories in a year.   More

Famous Questions Oct 27th 2010

The Power of Choice

I don't know about you but when I go out looking for a new car I start off with this image in my head that there is one perfect car out there waiting for me to buy it. It usually takes me a good week to come to my senses and realize that there are several alternatives to the car of my dreams that are just as good if not better. That's when things get easier. is a great advice search tool to help you make those difficult decisions much less stressful and complex. It attracts all those who have to make a difficult choice and are not sure which option is best and also allows ...  More Sep 20th 2011

The Off the Beaten Track travel Database

If you love travelling but don’t want to join the usual crowds jostling to see the famous landmarks and attractions of the world then this site can provide a whole host of places you won’t find in the brochures.   More

Billed as the guide for alternative travel and off the beaten track locations, contains a good number of contributions from passionate travellers keen to pass on their experience and knowledge.   More

ExploGuide Dec 8th 2010

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