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Takes the hassle out of travel planning

In this day and age with the internet being what it is planning a trip is certainly a lot easier. Gone are the days when you either bought all the guide books yourself or borrowed them from a library. All you need to do now is tap in the destination and a whole mine of information is revealed.  More

Plnnr Nov 19th 2010

What do you want to be When You Grow Up?

The social history of employment is an interesting topic in that it didn’t really change much for the vast majority of people until fairly recently.  More

In times gone by if you were a boy and your father worked down a coal mine the chances were that you’d end up down there too. If you happened to be a girl well there wasn’t many options other than to be a housewife or perhaps go into service. The same probably applies for the building trades, market porters and those that worked the land unless of course you happened to catch the eye of a generous patron.  More

WYGU Nov 4th 2010

Is it My Fault?

I think I’d be very wary about spilling my heart on this site and then leaving it to the mercy of a free for all by any Tom, Dick or Harry. More to the point anyone doing so might want to read the Privacy Policy before getting spammed by just about anyone selling a service with a tenuous link to the very issue up for discussion.   More

FaultMeter Oct 18th 2010

Spark your journey

There has been plenty of talk about this travel site in recent months with a successful round of fundraising and a revamp completed in February of this year (2011) and more recently a partnership deal signed with The New York Times.   More

Wanderfly is an interesting addition to the travel planning tools available on the web and can be of great use if you are undecided about where to go. OK so a lot of people might only approach this type of site once they’ve got a destination in mind but for those of you that haven’t it could open your eyes to some places of great interest that you may never have considered.   More

Wanderfly Oct 12th 2010

Never miss a great book again!

I love a really useful app that doesn’t need too much driving and so I’m certainly going to be signing up for this free one. If you’re an avid reader of books I strongly suggest you consider doing the same.   More

If like me you spend a lot of time in book stores looking at the latest release lists or scouring the book reviews in the Sunday supplements then could get you some of your time back. Where has it been all my life you might ask, or at least where has it been since the dawn of the internet. Well it’s here now so let’s make use of it.     More

Any New Books? Oct 12th 2010

Sell Therapy, Counseling, Tax Advice, Computer Help, and More - Sell what you say

If you can rattle on expertly over the telephone on a particular subject then you could earn money doing it on this site.   More

Ether basically provides a connection service that puts people in need of advice in touch with an expert in the relevant field. Offering more than just a directory service the site handles the telephone or email connections ensuring privacy for both parties and also collects the payments on behalf of the expert.  More

Ether Sep 19th 2009

Spill is an anonymous peer-to-peer support system online for college students.

Life on campus can often throw up any number of worrying issues for students. Add to that a feeling of isolation and the worry just intensifies so a site like is a worthy model for all students to get to know.  More

All colleges these days have welfare departments however in a number of cases students with issues simply won’t have the confidence to let it all out in front of another individual. With spill they don’t have to and what’s more the advice and guidance they’ll get will come from their peers who have already been there and got the t-shirt to prove it.   More

Spill Jun 25th 2011

Feel shruggy today?

I apologise if I sound like an old cynic but I really can’t see the point of this one. What I mean by point I suppose is I can’t see that it brings anything new to the party that is social networking sites.  More

Let’s consider the name and then some basic features and I’ll leave it to you to decide if this is a must have addition to your probably already rather crowded collection of apps.  More

shruggy Jan 30th 2011

Phone Lookup, Reverse Phone Lookup, Free Lookup

Don't you hate it when you get those phone calls around dinner time from some guy in India who says he's in the next town to you and wants to talk you into a new mobile plan? I find it very annoying when they just cut you off when you question them. Or maybe it's someone doing a prank call for Halloween and you want to get them back. So how do you find out the number of the person who called? EphoneReverse is pretty well what you think it is. It let's you see who just called you and if it's a company calling you can see if it really exists.     EphoneReverse is a reverse ...  More

EphoneReverse Sep 2nd 2011

World's First Risk-Free Naming Service

Trying to think of something both catchy and relevant to use as your domain name is not the easiest thing to do. Some people can knock twenty out an hour while others struggle to think of anything memorable. PickyDomains is a domain advice blog tool for business that has 46,000 people working for you trying to think up the perfect domain name for your business. If you like one of the options and decide to register the domain then it'll cost you just US$50 and it's all yours. Simple.     If you need a memorable and easy to pronounce domain name or slogan that perfectly ...  More Sep 18th 2011

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