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Social Dream interpretation

Do you remember your dreams? I used to have a recurring dream a few years back where there would be large jellybeans slowly flying past my head in space in a Star Wars formation when I was anxious about something. Any budding psychoanalysts out there want to have a go at that one? I wish I could remember more because I find the whole thing fascinating.     DreamDoze is an advice and knowledge share tool that allows people to share and document their dreams and have them interpreted by people from different perspectives. The interpreters range from other dreamers to ...  More

DreamDoze Oct 16th 2011

Business, opinions and questions in local community

If you’re a business owner looking for greater exposure and a boost in customers then getting yourself listed on Insider Pages could do you a lot of good. Once listed mind you the service you provide better be up to scratch because if it isn’t those unsatisfied customers will be able to tell the world about any shortcomings.   More

insiderpages Jun 14th 2007

We match people with skis, quickly and accurately...

For ski bums out there this is a fun site and one to help you get the atmosphere going before you actually hit the slopes even if you’re not planning on buying new equipment. If you are in the market for some new skis though check it out.   More

Like golf clubs, you shouldn’t be buying skis based on how they look in a picture. You really need to find out if they’re going to do the trick based on your ability and physical condition and hopefully raise your game as well.  More

SkiGenie Jan 3rd 2011

Get 1-Hour Consultation with the Expert Crowd

Here’s a crowdsourcing advice site that seems to have every possible charging opportunity covered.   More

Billed as a site that facilitates the coming together of advice seekers and willing consultants, the jargon and terms used could do with a consultant to decipher them but I’ll have a go.    More

ParetoCentral May 20th 2011

Experts on demand

If you’re on the hunt for some online advice but would feel more comfortable paying for a face-to-face consultation then could be the answer.  More

With 53 experts registered and covering a number of skills including business & finance, legal, health, medicine and personal development, you could have one at the end of a video camera in no time. With no downloads necessary all you need is a video enabled computer with speakers and a microphone.   More Apr 13th 2011

Get Advice from Women on Dating, Relationship, Love, The Pursuit of Male Happiness

If you’re a guy who’s desperate to get a female angle on a niggling question but don’t have anyone in your circle of friends that fits the bill, for a couple of dollars you might get what you want here.  More

On the other hand, if you’re a woman and want the chance to supplement your income by $25 a day then use your wisdom and sign up as a respondent.  More Aug 11th 2011

Because friends don’t let friends buy junk…'s a beautiful thing. Were all hopefully passionate about one thing or another whether it be a quality shirt or a cuban cigar. Gangaroo is one of those places that is filled with passion. It's like an online marketplace filled with interesting gifts that you can discover and share with the ones you know and trust -your friends.   Gangaroo is a free online social shopping advice sharing tool that allows you to browse thousands of gifts and products from huge organizations as big as Amazon, CrunchBase, Android and iTunes. It actually searches all the businesses in it's huge ...  More

Gangaroo Sep 14th 2011

Great Advice. On Demand.

Anyone looking for an expert consultant but lacking the contacts years of networking provides can now use the web to both find one and facilitate the discussion.   More currently has somewhere close to a thousand experts registered ranging from the top brains in careers, business and admissions covering a diverse selection of topics. This is not a free service and users pay the going rate but the site has plenty of information on these experts to help in the selection of a suitable one.   More

Evisors Jul 29th 2011

Debt Solutions to your Money Problems

This site isn’t really that representative of a web 2.0 app but given the level of debt suffered in the world today it’s probably worthy of being visible on as many platforms as possible if it’s going to offer support to people in dire straits.  More

It’s probably also worth a review to point out the small print if nothing else as people with serious debt are often in panic mode and don’t stop to read the bit about fees written in type ten times smaller than the rest of the site.  More

National Money Helpline Sep 2nd 2010

Your personal finance Q&A community - where good answers get voted up!

Billed as the place for people who want to be financially literate, this site provides a community based question and answer service for all things of a personal finance nature. Still in beta it’s not the finished article but the range of topics and contributions is already impressive.  More

There is a pretty clear line drawn about what is and what isn’t considered a suitable style of question. For instance asking if you should hold or sell a particular stock would not be welcomed. Equally, trying to garner opinion as to whether the community consider X Bank to be as rubbish as you do will not stay an open question for long.  More Feb 5th 2010

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