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Well...what a strange little app What you can Buy is. It's strangely hypnotic though in a funny sort of way and a very colorful and amusing advice tool that is basically a portal to investigate what you could buy for a given amount of money. All you have to do is to type the amount you wish to spend into the bright and inviting box and all sorts of suggestions will come up...some inspired, some benefactorial and some just plain weird.  More

What can you Buy Aug 15th 2011

3 tips on just anything

Who do you trust to give you good advice when you need it? Certainly not that guy in the pub with the silly grin on his face. It's your friends you go to when you need good guidance, isn't it? Advisr is a fun social networking advice app that allows you to get moments of clarity direct from your Facebook and Twitter friends.Advisr is an easy-to-use agony column app that's fun and a good way to spend a little time if you are needing your ego stroked. The simple and fresh app allows the user to receive 3 tips on just about anything they like. Whether it be relationship issues, physical ...  More Aug 31st 2011

PeepAdvice - This or That App

PeepAdvice is a fun, free and quick way to get advice and give advice with a click of a button. ...  More

decisions social friends

Aug 15th 2019

Dating Apps Genius

We were motivated to create our app due to an experience that many men using location/swipe ...  More

dating lifestyle advice

Aug 26th 2017


BEIJING – May 25th, 2017 -- Available worldwide for iOS and Android (China included), LAWO is a ...  More

fashiondesigners fashion fashion & beauty

Jul 11th 2017


Various 'how to' questions are approximately 40% of questions asked on the internet. There is a ...  More

advice answer collaboration

Jan 31st 2016

Need a Rule

Do you ever find yourself frustrated by the lack of a clear way of handling a situation or ...  More

advice content dating

Jan 20th 2016


Do you ever wonder? Do you ever find yourself asking why? Why things happen, why things are the ...  More

advice book entertainment

Jan 7th 2016


We are trying to redefine Personal Finance. Change helps you to spend more wisely. It does ...  More

advice alpha finance

Dec 23rd 2015

Destiny Signs

This application allow to set everyday notification with prediction for you. It's simple to ...  More

advice fun lifestyle

Dec 16th 2015

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