Alerts apps

Family Alert

Family Alert is a mobile application used to track family members and allow them to send ...  More

alerts family monitor

Feb 17th 2015

Geek Lemons: Call Reminder

Ever forgot to call a friend or your family? This amazing app reminds you who and when to ...  More

reminders alerts

Feb 6th 2015


Quickly and easily notify your issuer if your credit card has been lost or stolen at the push of ...  More

alerts banking database

Jan 29th 2015


redEye keeps track of you. Automatically alerts your dear one, when you are in danger. ...  More

alerts android child

Dec 31st 2014


Snoozy is your new alarm-clock, you only have to speak to, for a few extra minutes of sleep! ...  More

alerts beta ios

Dec 7th 2014

Never Miss Prayer

It is basically a Muslim Prayer Reminder App for Android and iOS Smartphone. Put a Prayer alert ...  More

education alerts android

Nov 28th 2014


Want it. Track it. Get it for less. PWUL is your personal shopper, budgeter and sales spy ...  More

alerts budget shopping

Nov 25th 2014


MINE is a free app from the team behind Relationship Science (RelSci; description at the ...  More

alerts business mobile

Nov 24th 2014


Pingometer is a service that monitors the uptime, downtime, and performance of websites. You ...  More

alerts ecommerce monitor

Nov 15th 2014

Yo Momma O'Clock

What does it do? It is an alarm clock that wakes you up with Yo Momma jokes. Why do we need ...  More

fun alerts android

Nov 5th 2014

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