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SafeSpot alerts people who care about you when you need their help, and makes it easier for them ...  More

alerts family google maps

Dec 24th 2013

Alert SOS

"Alert SOS when activated sounds an Alert on your mobile, sending an emergency sms and a email ...  More

alerts ios ipad

Dec 21st 2013

Smoking Cost calculator

Everyday million of people try to quit smoking, however due to poor will power and addition they ...  More

advice alerts android

Aug 24th 2013

Predator Digital Clock

Predator Digital Clock is a clock based on the language of the aliens from the famous ...  More


Aug 16th 2013


Need to receive email notifications from applications or devices? Sign Up and confirm your ...  More

alerts development email

Jul 12th 2013

Auto Birthday

Heyo! My name is Auto, and I'm your birthday helper! Ka-chunk! A box full of birthdays, fresh ...  More

alerts calendar facebook

May 21st 2013

Flip Countdown

Check out our app for counting down to big events! Countdown to big events with friends on ...  More

alerts event reminders

Feb 1st 2013


FunWhisper breaks all barriers to things YOU enjoy doing with friends and others in the real ...  More

advertising advice alerts

Jan 19th 2013

Location Alerts

Location alert helps you in: - Send text messages as you reach to a specific ...  More

alerts iphone local

Nov 8th 2012


SimpleTexting enables you to engage your customers, clients, and contacts via text messaging. ...  More

advertising alerts contacts

Oct 30th 2012

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